Emmerdale: Gabby’s vendetta against Leyla explained

Viewers are confused about the beef!

Emmerdale revealed that Gabby Thomas is the one who has been tormenting Leyla Harding. But why is she after her?

In last night’s episode (Monday, August 10) Leyla got an unexpected ‘client’ at Take A Vow. However this client believed he was speaking to Leyla on a dating app and that they were going to sleep together.

But she soon realised someone had set her up on the app and her boyfriend Liam was furious.

Leyla was shocked to find out she had a profile on a dating app (Credit: ITV Hub)

She later went back into the office and saw it had been trashed, but she was shocked to see the attacker was still there.

As the assailant ran out, Leyla threw a vase at them catching their arm.

It later cut to Gabby returning home wearing all black, much like the person who was in Leyla’s office.

Gabby had a cut arm (Credit: ITV)

When she went into the kitchen, she pulled up her sleeve revealing a nasty cut.

However as it was revealed she is Leyla’s tormentor, viewers were left confused, wondering why Gabby has it in for her.

Emmerdale: Why has Gabby been tormenting Leyla?

Before Leyla starting dating Liam, Liam was engaged to Gabby’s mum Bernice.

Before Liam and Bernice’s wedding, Bernice discovered her ex Charlie, who is also the father of other teenage daughter Dee Dee, had been in a terrible car accident and was in a bad condition.

Realising she needed to be there for her daughter, she went to Australia on what was meant to be a temporary basis.

Bernice and Liam were engaged before he started dating Leyla (Credit: ITV)

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However, while she was away Leyla developed feelings for Liam and she ended up kissing him. When Gabby and Liam’s daughter Leanna found out they were furious with him and eventually Bernice ended their relationship.

But over recent weeks, Leanna has started to accept Liam and Leyla’s relationship. Meanwhile Gabby blames Leyla for Liam and Bernice’s relationship ending.

Emmerdale: What’s next for Gabby and Leyla?

Next week, Gabby opens up to Leyla about how lonely she feels as Bernice refuses to let her join her in Australia.

A warm Leyla tries to comfort her. Gabby is later thrown but grateful when Leyla doesn’t tell Nicola and Laurel about her vandalising Take A Vow.

Leyla tries to make things right with Gabby (Credit: ITV)

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Gabby’s touched when Leyla offers her an apprenticeship at the wedding planning business. Are things going to get better for Gabby?

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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