Emmerdale first look week 33

Emmerdale FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Jamie confesses everything

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Emmerdale spoiler pictures reveal Jamie is about to confess – but will Belle keep his secret?

Meanwhile, Harriet’s secret is also out, and Leyla realises who’s been tormenting her.

Here’s all you need to know about next week’s Emmerdale.

1. Jamie confesses

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Jamie is in a terrible state, worrying Belle.

He begs Belle to hear him out as he explains he still has feelings for her and reveals Andrea’s been blackmailing him.

Belle is horrified when he confesses he was behind Moira’s hit and run and she threatens to call the police.

But Jamie’s relief at the idea throws her off.

2. Will Belle keep Jamie’s secret?

Belle is in turmoil and snaps when Lydia suspects she’s seeing Jamie again.

As Belle becomes convinced she has to tell the police the truth, are Jamie’s days numbered?

3. Dawn finds out the truth

Dawn discovers Harriet’s affair with Malone and gives Harriet an ultimatum: come clean to Will or Dawn will.

Harriet is shaken to realise Dawn really means it. Will Harriet confess everything to Will?

4. Dawn takes a huge risk

Dawn goes to the police station and tells PC Swirling she wants to report a corrupt senior officer.

As she realises there’s no going back, will Dawn live to regret this?

5. Tracy struggles with her pregnancy

Nate offers to skip work to support Tracy, but she’s concerned as he’s already on a warning.

Despite Tracy’s protests, Nate cancels his meeting. Will he regret his decision?

6. Leyla has a ‘date’

Jacob and Liam are baffled to hear Leyla has a date and they watch as she meets up with Gaz across the village.

When Gaz approaches Leyla, she’s confused, but lets him in to Take A Vow.

Is she really on a date – or is something else going on?

7. Leyla’s tormentor revealed

Leyla overhears a noise in the Take A Vow office.

Terrified, she picks up a vase ready to strike as a dark-clad figure blind-sides her.

Leyla manages to strike a blow, but her attacker escapes.

The police are called, but Leyla soon realises who is to blame for the campaign of terror.

Will she tell the cops who’s behind it?

8. Mandy needs Lydia’s help

Mandy is convinced she needs to stop things with Paul.

She asks Lydia to help her, but what can Lydia do?

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