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Emmerdale fans point out error in Marlon Dingle newspaper article

The Hotten Courier said he'd been convicted of killing Graham

Marlon Dingle has finally been released from prison in Emmerdale after he was wrongly arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Graham Foster – which inspired a local news story in the Hotten Courier.

To celebrate Marlon’s release, the paper published a story for the locals titled: ‘Wrongfully convicted dad walks free.’

Marlon was front page news (Credit: ITV)

The headline in the Hotten Courier is wrong – Marlon was charged with, not convicted of, murder!

Marlon’s photo was also published below the news story – which Marlon was somewhat embarrassed about.

While watching the episode, a number of Emmerdale fans realised that the newspaper headline was factually incorrect, as Marlon had not actually been convicted of the crime. Instead, he was on remand.

Marlon isn’t finding it easy being out (Credit: ITV)

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Taking to Twitter, the fans ranted about the incorrect headline.

One fan said: “The headline in the Hotten Courier is wrong – Marlon was charged with, not convicted of, murder! (Local newspaper person pointing this out, btw!)”

Another fan chimed in, going as far as to berate the scriptwriting for the soap, saying: “Marlon wasn’t a convicted dad, he was on demand awaiting trial. Shoddy scriptwriting #emmerdale”.

Another said: “Oooh Hotton Courier with false news. Marlon was not a convicted criminal only on remand.”

A fourth fan said: “The headline of the newspaper read, “Wrongly convicted dad walks free”. Have I missed something? Did I miss when Marlon was actually convicted? Or was he on remand and therefore NOT convicted? Answers on a postcard please…#emmerdale”.

Graham was murdered in brutal scenes broadcast earlier this year, where he was hit over the head in the woods and killed just outside of the village.

Marlon was thought to be the culprit after the police discovered CCTV footage of him going into the woods around the same time that Graham was killed.

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However, it was actually Emmerdale villain, Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) who killed Graham, having committed the murder after being released from prison after a three-year stint for the rape of his ex-wife, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry).

Pierce Harris killed Graham but Marlon got the blame (Credit ITV)

Pierce, who was intent on getting Rhona back from Graham, murdered him as part of his sick plan to ‘save’ his ex-wife.

The truth came out last week after Pierce held Rhona’s best friend Vanessa Woodfield hostage and lured Rhona to meet him.

She got a confession out of him, which she live-streamed to the Free Marlon website, and when Pierce was arrested detectives found his DNA on the weapon used to murder Graham, clearing Marlon’s name.

Did you spot the newspaper’s error?

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