Emmerdale fans furious with David as he misses clue of Maya’s grooming

They've called him "thick" and "stupid"

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Emmerdale fans are furious with David Metcalfe and branded him “thick” after missing clues to Maya’s grooming.

Viewers know schoolteacher Maya has been grooming David’s adopted son Jacob for months.

Last week, ‘the couple’ attempted to have sex in the village hall, but their plan was rumbled after David figured out his son planned to ruin his date with Maya and followed them. When David questioned the teenager, he came up with the excuse that his dad didn’t make time for him and Amba.

After Jacob left, David discovered Maya’s earring on the floor but still didn’t put two and two together.

David Maya Emmerdale
David discovered Maya’s earring in the village hall (Credit: ITV)

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Although viewers are sickened by Maya’s grooming they are also getting fed up with the shop owner for missing the clues of what his girlfriend has been up to.

One tweeted: “David can be so thick !! #Emmerdale” [sic]

A second wrote: “David still not clicked idiot #Emmerdale” [sic]

A third put “It’s David who needs to open his eyes! Maya is so sick in the head, I don’t believe she loves Jacob #Emmerdale” [sic]

A fourth tweeted “I mean how can David be THAT stupid that he cannot put two and two together #Emmerdale” [sic]

Maya Jacob kiss Emmerdale
Maya has been grooming her boyfriend teenage son (Credit: ITV Hub)

Emmerdale fans were left disgusted after she made dirty comments to Jacob at a family dinner in Wednesday night’s episode (20.03.19).

In last night’s episode we saw Maya encouraging David to go away for the week and she would move in to “look after” Jacob.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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