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Saturday 11th July 2020

Emmerdale fans convinced Cain and Charity Dingle will sleep together

Not again!

Fans of Emmerdale are convinced Cain and Charity Dingle will sleep together after picking up on sexual tension between the pair on Wednesday night (November 13 2019).

In the episode, Cain went over to Charity's house to seek forgiveness after her son Moses was kidnapped.

The day before, Charity had palmed Moses onto Cain, who in turn left him with Liv Flaherty.

Moses was thankfully returned safely in the end (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

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Unfortunately, the little boy was taken by criminal Sean, who Cain and Aaron had stolen cars off.

Sean demanded the cars back in exchange for the safe return of Moses.

Luckily, Moses managed to get home with help from Cain's eldest son Nate Robinson, who found the little boy.

Cain took a present round for Moses as an apology but Charity wasn't happy with him.

She told him he "bored" Moira out of their marriage and accused him of coming over so they could sleep together.

Viewers think Charity and Cain will sleep together (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

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However things didn't go that way as instead Charity blocked Cain from having any contact with their granddaughter Sarah, and said she would be telling Moira about the incident with Moses, meaning she could stop Cain from seeing his young sons Kyle and Isaac.

But viewers are convinced the second cousins will still end up sleeping together.

Charity and Cain have a long history together.

The pair slept together as teenagers, resulting in Charity getting pregnant with their daughter Debbie.

They almost married in 2009, but Charity didn't want to settle down, and the pair broke up when Cain slept with Faye Lamb.

A few years ago they had an affair, and shared a kiss earlier this year.

Could yet another reunion be on the cards?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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