EastEnders fans fuming as Lorna Fitzgerald is missed off final credits

She didn't get a mention!

EastEnders fans have already expressed their anger at how Abi Branning’s devastating injuries are being dealt with on-screen.

And now they’re worried Abi’s alter-ego, actress Lorna Fitzgerald, has been snubbed too.

Poor Abi’s brain dead and has just delivered a baby girl who it looks like she’ll never get to meet – but her friends in the Square are carrying on partying without even a flicker of concern about their pal.

Does anyone care about poor Abi? (Credit: BBC)

As Abi was taken into theatre for a c-section in Friday night’s episode, Ben, Jay, and Donna, all hit the Vic for the New Year’s Eve party without sparing a thought for their dying friend – much to viewers’ disgust.

Abi’s friends went to a party while her baby was born (Credit: BBC)

And now fans have been left fuming again after Lorna, who plays Abi, was seemingly missed off the final credits of the year.

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EastEnders always ends the year with an extra-long list of credits, giving everyone who’s worked on the show a mention. They include every cast member who has appeared over the year, as well as all the crew.

There’s always a long list of credits on the final show of the year (Credit: BBC)

But not, it seems, Lorna Fitzgerald.

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As the credits rolled, it was obvious poor Lorna had been forgotten – just like Abi!

No Lorna Fitzgerald! (Credit: BBC)

And the fans weren’t happy about it.

“Bit rude,” said one.

“I’ve checked a few times,” added another dedicated viewer.

And some pointed out that Lorna wasn’t the only cast member to be missed out. Annette Badland, who played Aunt Babe, and Danny Boy Hatchard, aka Lee Carter, were also ignored.

Lots of past members of the cast did make the cut, however, with Lucy Benjamin (Lisa) , Declan Bennett (Charlie), Laurie Brett (Jane) and Aaron Sidwell (Steven) appearing on the list.

Lots of past cast members were included (Credit: BBC)

And Lorna’s on-screen family members Jacqueline Jossa, who plays sister Lauren, and Jo Joyner, who plays her mum Tanya, were both included too.

Jac Jossa and Jo Joyner both appeared on the list (Credit: BBC)

Perhaps the omission is a clue as to Abi’s fate? We’ll have to wait and see.