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Thursday 20th February 2020

EastEnders fans have a gruesome theory about whose teeth are in Aidan Maguire's box

Urgh. This storyline just got even darker.

Viewers finally found out what was in Aidan's secret box last night - and it was pretty gruesome - a selection of teeth.

And the fans are convinced they know where the grisly mementoes came from.

They reckon they belonged to missing Luke Browning.


They aren't Luke Browning's are they? A reminder that Aidan did Phil a favour...

In last night's episode, we saw Phil skulking around the Square after throwing his lot in with evil Aidan and refusing to help Mick get rid of the gangster.

"We're brothers," Aidan told Mr Mitchell. Which, frankly, sounds like a threat to us.

Aidan's got some dark secrets (Credit: BBC)

But Phil had Aidan's jewellery box - the one he gave Keanu to bury. And at the end of the episode, he opened it, scattering the contents over his desk at the Arches.

And the box was full of teeth. TEETH. Urgh.

The box was full of teeth! (Credit: BBC)

Immediately fans took to social media to discuss who the teeth might have belonged to - with one theory coming out top.

They're convinced they belong to missing Luke Browning. He's not been seen since Phil had him bundled into the back of a van before Christmas in revenge for Luke beating up Ben - with a bit of help from Aidan. And fans reckon this is Aidan's way of warning Phil that he 's got some hold over him.

"So Aidan killed Luke," said one fan.

"The set of teeth in #EastEnders probably belong to Luke," agreed another. While another said: "They aren't Luke Browning's are they? A reminder that Aidan did Phil a favour..."

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But other fans weren't so convinced.

"Some say they're Ben's? Others say they're Luke's," said one confused viewer. "I just don't get it..."

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While others weren't impressed by the supposedly scary threat.

"I just glanced up and thought it was sweet corn," laughed one fan. While another said: "If Aidan really wants to put the frighteners up people he needs to do a lot better than put a pair of Dots Dentures in a box."

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