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Sunday 26th January 2020

EastEnders viewers slam Whitney's "horrendous" wedding dress

Whitney decided on a white and pink flowery dress!

Viewers of EastEnders have slammed Whitney's "horrendous" wedding dress.

In last night's episode (September 2 2019) Whitney was preparing for the day ahead - her wedding to Callum Highway.

But of course, soap weddings can never quite go to plan.

Whitney had found out the night before that Callum had cheated on her, with Ben Mitchell.

Viewers weren't fans of Whitney's wedding dress (Credit: BBC)

As Sonia struggled to find out where Whitney's adoptive mum Bianca was, they went into panic mode trying to find her.

However, Bianca was in a jail cell with Kat Slater after a night out for being drunk and disorderly.

Despite all the drama happening, viewers were more distracted by Whitney's wedding dress.

Whitney's dress is horrendous.

Luckily Bianca was able to get out of the police cell for her Whit's wedding but that didn't stop issues occurring.

As they got to the venue, Whitney saw Ben waiting with Lola and confronted him.

Ben told Bianca that Callum cheated on his bride-to-be with him.

Ben also dropped the bombshell on Whitney that Callum's brother Stuart knew and he was the one that beat him up at Pride.

Bianca tried to convince Whitney that marrying Callum would be a mistake (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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As the guests waited for Whitney to come and walk down the aisle, she had a chat with Bianca outside.

Her 'mum' tried to convince Whitney that marrying Callum would be a mistake because he lied to her and was still lying.

She also pointed out that Whitney couldn't love Callum into being something he wasn't.

Will Whitney and Callum get married? (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Not having it, Whitney walked past her mum and into the venue.

Will she go through with the wedding? We'll see later!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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