EastEnders SPOILER: Escaped Hunter returns to the Square

He's out of prison

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After Mel discovered that her son Hunter has escaped prison in Thursday’s EastEnders, she’s stunned when she finds him back on the Square.

But will she send him back to jail? Or will her mother’s love mean she does all she can to keep him out?

Mel was surprised earlier this week to hear Hunter was being moved to a prison up north for his own safety.

Hunter is waiting for Mel at the E20 (Credit: BBC)
Hunter is waiting for Mel at the E20 (Credit: BBC)

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However, she had no idea he’d find a way to escape, and as she demands an explanation from the police, they don’t have much to tell her,

She insists they need to find her son and keep him safe, but they just warn her she needs to help them.

Mel tries to get some legal advice, but she has no idea Hunter’s already back in Walford.

Heading to the E2o office, Mel is shocked to find her son hiding there.

Hunter hides under the desk (Credit: BBC)
Hunter hides under the desk (Credit: BBC)

Desperate to protect him, she tries to sneak him out of the club unnoticed, but will she manage to do it?

And with the police’s warning ringing in her ears, will she hand her son back in?

Next week sees Mel try to get him out of the country, so it sounds like she’s not going to play by the rules and stick to the letter of the law.

With Ben Mitchell hanging around demanding information on Lisa Fowler’s whereabouts, convinced that she is the key to finding runaway Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor, Mel knows she needs to up her game if she’s going to hide Hunter.

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders
Ben knows Mel is up to no good… (Credit: BBC)

Later, Sharon Mitchell is surprised when Mel offers to go along to an antenatal hospital appointment with her.

Mel’s reasons for buddying up with her former enemy soon become clear when she finds a way to help Hunter at the hospital before joining Sharon at her appointment.

Mel Owen in EastEnders
Mel goes to Sharon’s hospital appointment… but she isn’t there for moral support (Credit: BBC)

But as Mel rushes back to her son, she is unaware that Ben is watching her heading into the basement.

As always nothing gets past Ben and he soon confronts Mel about the fact Hunter has escaped after reading it on the front page of the newspaper.

Mel Owen in EastEnders
Mel makes plans to leave Walford with son Hunter (Credit: BBC)

But while Sharon tries to be there for Mel and comforts her in her time of need, Ben is like a dog with a bone and gets suspicious as he watches Mel’s shifty behaviour.

As Ben becomes more and more convinced that he knows what Mel is up to, everyone else stands by her as she pretends to not know where her son is.

Jack is a surprising shoulder to cry on for Mel, but just when she starts to let her guard down with him, he says something to put his foot in things and her barriers go back up.

Mel Owen and Jack Branning in EastEnders
Jack is a shoulder to cry on for Mel (Credit: BBC)

As Mel finally gets the passports she needs to get out of the country with Hunter, she realises she is going to miss about Walford… and in a last minute moment of regret she dashes over to Jack’s to say a final farewell to Amy.

But as Mel and Hunter get ready for their exit, Ben delivers a final ultimatum that threatens to stop them in their tracks.

Mel Owen in EastEnders
Mel says a secret farewell to Amy Branning (Credit: BBC)

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Is he about to put a spanner in the works as Mel flees Walford?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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