EastEnders Sharon punched by Denny Credit: BBC

EastEnders fans shocked as Denny punches Sharon

They were amused by the comedy side effect though!

EastEnders fans were left horrified last night (Thursday April 12) after young Dennis Rickman punched his mother Sharon Mitchell in the face.

Sharon was trying to get through to her son after she’d thrown a punch herself at his ‘mate’, Stix.

EastEnders Denny gives Sharon what for Credit: BBC
Denny gave his mum a mouthful (Credit: BBC)

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Denny had been planning to run away with Stix after the gang had groomed Phil Mitchell’s stepson into getting involved in their drug deals.

Sharon wanted answers from her son over why he wanted to leave the family home.

“Talk to me Denny,” she begged.

“I’ve got nothing to say,” he told her.

When she replied with: “Darling I’m worried about you,” Denny lashed out.

“‘Cos it suits you, the only time you care about me is when it suits you.” He then railed at her for going to Australia when he was bullied and beaten and left needing stitches.

EAstEnders Denny punches Sharon Credit: BBC
Denny’s punch shocked fans (Credit: BBC)

As he stormed off upstairs, Sharon followed him telling him she wasn’t finished talking to him.

That’s when he dealt the killer blow – calling her a “total slapper” and punching her hard on the face.

Fans were horrified at what many believe is the start of a domestic violence storyline between Sharon and her son.

They took to Twitter to express their feelings.

But some were more bothered by what they called a “comedic” sound effect over the top of the punch.

One even compared the noise to the old Batman TV show starring Adam West!

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While Sharon reels from what’s just happened with her precious little boy, who know what hardman Phil’s going to say when he finds out.

Who can Sharon turn to to help with her wayward son? Is there any coming back for him? Or has it gone to far?

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC1.

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