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Saturday 7th December 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Keanu puts Louise in danger when he rejects her

Phil's not going to be happy!

Phil Mitchell's dodgy business deals are set to take a sinister turn next week when his daughter, Louise Mitchell finds herself in grave danger.

Since returning from Spain, Phil has been working with Keanu Taylor as they launder dodgy cash.

Phil and Keanu have got some seriously dodgy deals going on (Credit: BBC)

But after business associate Midge threatened Louise's life if Phil didn't play by the rules, Phil enlisted Keanu's help to keep his daughter safe.

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But while Louise, who is head-over-heels in love with Keanu, is thrilled to have his undivided attention once again, little does she know that it's not because he has had a change of heart about their romance, but because he's working under Phil's orders to keep an eye on her.

Midge threatened Louise if Phil didn't play ball... (Credit: BBC)

Next week sees Louise want to take her 'relationship' with Keanu to the next level and hints to him that they should sleep together.

Keanu's not happy about the idea, feeling uneasy about the fact he is supposed to be keeping Louise alive, not sleeping with her, and wonders how to let her down gently.

Midge has been keeping a close eye on Louise (Credit: BBC)

But as the pair chat, little do they both realise dodgy Midge is watching their every move.

As Midge keeps up his surveillance of Louise throughout the week, no one has any idea the danger Phil's daughter is in.

At at Mitchell family lunch, things turn awkward when Keanu turns up for his wages and Phil tells him he should be spending time with Louise.

Phil has no idea that his daughter is about to go missing (Credit: BBC)

But unbeknownst to Phil, Keanu is trying to keep his distance since Louise suggested spending the night together.

When he is forced to reject her advances once again, Keanu finds himself in Louise's bad books and she storms over to see best friend Bex for some moral support.

But Bex has got her own dramas going on with university looming, and she accuses Louise of only caring about Keanu and the friends fight.

Midge manages to befriend Louise again next week (Credit: BBC)

Louise storms out, but of course Midge is there to offer a shoulder to cry on because he has been watching her all day and managed to time his appearance to perfection.

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But when Phil later texts Keanu while he is at the park with his family to ask where Louise is, Keanu is startled to realise that she is missing.

Will Keanu be able to save Louise before something awful happens? (Credit: BBC)

Rushing off to find her, Keanu panics when he sees her with Midge and it soon becomes clear that she is in serious danger.

Will Keanu and Phil be able to save Louise before Midge manages to kidnap her?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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