EastEnders’ Ben battered to death by Stuart over Callum relationship?

Some viewers were disappointed the attack happened on Pride day

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EastEnders aired a special LGBTQ+ Pride episode last night, to mark Pride month.

And while viewers were thrilled by many joyful moments, including Karen Taylor telling Bernie how proud she is of her, a shocking attack at the end of the episode left them reeling.

Stuart was on the warpath after his brother Callum admitted that he has feelings for Ben that extend beyond friendship.

Ben and Callum are more than friends (Credit: BBC)

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When Stuart asked if Callum was gay, his younger brother admitted that he didn’t know but he was adamant that he loves Whitney Dean and doesn’t want to lose her.

Stuart assumed that Ben is messing with his head, and told him Whitney was all that mattered.

But later, as the Pride celebrations kicked off, Stuart stole Callum’s phone and arranged a meeting with Ben at the Arches.

Stuart revealed himself as homophobic (Credit: BBC)

Ben looked thrilled that Callum wanted to see him, but when he got to the Arches, Stuart walked in.

The thug told him to leave Callum alone, but Ben refused… knowing a beating would be coming.

Meanwhile, Callum twigged that Stuart had led Ben into a trap. Tears welled as the next scene saw Ben battered unconscious.

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Some viewers are worried he won’t have survived the attack… while others praised the plot…

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