Alfie Moon’s back in EastEnders and the fans aren’t happy!

They reckon his return was boring and unnecessary!

As Shakil Kazemi lay dying in last night’s heartbreaking episode of EastEnders, the action on screen switched between the hard-to-watch hospital scenes, and Hayley Slater confronting her baby daddy Alfie Moon.

Hayley revealed she was up the duff-duff with Alfie’s baby after they had a one-night stand in Spain.

And Alfie revealed the real reason Kat had returned to Walford – because little Bert had been scalded by brother Tommy accidentally. And Alfie blamed Kat.

But while revelation followed revelation in the scenes between Alfie and Hayley, tying up lots of loose ends and explaining a few mysteries too, the fans were NOT impressed.

Hayley Slater
Hayley had some news for Alfie (Credit: BBC)

They said they thought the switching between the dramatic, impressively acted, heartbreaking scenes of Shakil’s death and Alfie’s return was a distraction.

Alfie Moon
Surprise! Alfie is Hayley’s baby daddy! (Credit: BBC)

They wasted no time in taking to social media to share their views.

“This was not the week for Kalfie to replay Alfie and Lil’ Mo or Kat and Derek Branning,” one fan said.

And she added: “This is not the time or the place for this silly Hayley/Kat/Alfie stuff.”

“But bringing back Alfie. Urghh terrible character,” moaned another viewer.

Another agreed, writing: “Powerful episodes of EastEnders this week so why did they have to ruin it by bringing back a character (Alfie) nobody missed or cares about.”

The fans questioned why Alfie’s return was timed to coincide with the powerful stabbing scenes.

“I wish @bbceastenders would explain why they felt the need to put Hayley and Alfie’s storyline in with Shakil and Keegan’s storyline,” asked one fan.

“Seriously, couldn’t the Alfie storyline wait. It just ruined the whole feeling,” complained another.

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“Think tonight’s @bbceastenders should have concentrated more on the Shakil storyline than Alfie,” said another.

And no one was really looking forward to finding out where the story will go in the future.

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“I really have zero interest in seeing Alfie return to argue with Kat about something that we never even seen onscreen,” said one grumpy viewer.

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