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Saturday 11th July 2020

EastEnders viewers starting to warm to the 'new' Ben Mitchell

Max took over the role earlier this year

It looks like the tables may have turned and EastEnders viewers are beginning to warm to the 'new' Ben Mitchell.

Ben was recast at the start of the year and it was announced that Waterloo Road star Max Bowden would be taking over the role from previous actor Harry Reid.

Fans were initially outraged at the recast and as the character returned, it appeared he'd had a "personality transplant" and viewers didn't like his behaviour. Some even went as far as to say they wanted Harry Reid back in the role.

Ben was played by Harry Reid before Max took over the role (Credit: BBC)

Since arriving back in Walford, Ben has made it clear that he's out to destroy his dad Phil.

However, viewers have started to see a side to Ben that hasn't been seen since he was last in Walford.

Last week at Callum and Whitney's housewarming party, Ben stumbled across Paul's old bedroom.

Ben's boyfriend Paul was killed in 2016 after they were attacked by a group of men.

Callum found Ben upset and he opened up about being with Paul.

Ben opened up to Callum about Paul (Credit: BBC)

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Callum and Ben's best friend Jay, managed to get Ben out of the party.

He's definitely one of the best in my opinion.

The next day Ben apologised to Callum but Ben was soon upset again when Callum brought up Paul.

Ben later invited Callum and Whitney to the E20 for a drink, but Ben snuck out soon followed by Callum and the pair ended up kissing, despite Callum being with Whitney.

Ben and Callum kissed (Credit: BBC)

However, viewers love seeing this new side to Ben.

On a Digital Spy forum called "EastEnders - Absolutely loving Ben!" a reader wrote: "Unpopular opinion and I'm ready to be told I'm wrong, but I think this is by far the best Ben yet.

"I admire the character's new-found sass. He seems very confident with his sexuality and I like how he doesn't constantly try to impress Phil like he used to.

"I think we're seeing a more vulnerable side to the character now - especially through this Callum arc.

"No offence to Harry Reid, but he never played Ben with the charisma and charm Max Bowden currently is.

"Anyone else loving NuBen? (Probably not)."

Ben tried to get Billy killed by a hitman (Credit: BBC)

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Other viewers agreed. One posted "I really wish we skipped the whole bit with the cargo and Louise being kidnapped but other than that I absolutely love Ben at the moment, he's fast become one of my fave characters and I laugh at pretty much every scene he's in.

"Max plays him with such charisma it's hard not to be engaged and it's nice to see his vulnerability in a few episodes."

A second put: "I was rooting for Ben when he returned because Phil was appalling to him as a teenager and mentally scarred the boy for life.

"Then we had a dodgy period where he tried to get his own uncle killed! Thankfully, he realised his mistakes at the last minute and I think that acted as a turning point."

A third wrote: "He's definitely one of the best in my opinion."

Another added: "I'm beginning to love him too and although he is nothing like the last one, he is great to watch."

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