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EastEnders spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Wednesday, June 16 2021

Bernie offers to try Tiffany's diet pills

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EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal that Rocky and Shirley spend some time together.

Meanwhile Bernie offers to try diet pills and Kat gets jealous of Sharon and Phil’s past.

All this and more in tonight’s EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Romance for Rocky and Shirley?

Nancy and Frankie encourage Shirley to talk to Rocky (Credit: BBC)

Rocky realises that Sonia’s lunch is for Father’s Day. He promises to call Kathy.

Over at The Vic Shirley is feeling bitter. Nancy and Frankie encourage Shirley to talk to Rocky, she has no idea that they’re playing cupid and going to extreme measures.

When her dad is late, Sonia storms over to The Vic.

Later Sonia is feeling let down. Shirley spots Rocky and admits her granddaughters meddled, but there is a spark between them.

Bernie begins taking diet pills

Bernie offers to try the diet pills (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile Tiffany has set up her new beauty profile and calls a beautician to help her get ready for the shoot.

At her appointment, Tiffany is told about fillers and botox – she wants to look her best so agrees.

She thinks of only launching her brand online and not the money.

When her shoot goes well she’s happy with her decision.

Later Keegan realises Tiff has been left out of the article and she tries to hide her disappointment.

She later meets a friend from college and is encouraged to flog some products and diet pills to make extra cash.

Later Bernie offers to trial the diet pills, explaining about the surrogacy. Tiffany is floored by reluctantly agreed.

Callum struggles with what happened to Fitzy

Whitney tries to support Callum (Credit: BBC)

Suki makes a sarcastic comment about how Stuart and Rainie are coping with Abi gone, which doesn’t go down well with Violet.

Ash arrives and realises Callum’s family are going through a lot and after previously refusing to give him any information about Fitzy earlier, she tells him Fitzy is stable, but he’s sworn to secrecy.

Whitney overhears and Callum promises to explain everything after he’s spoken to Fitzy.

Later Ben spots Callum getting into a cab with Whitney. They go to visit Fitzy but it looks like something else completely to him.

Later Callum tells Whitney that he’s plagued by the stabbing and he can’t face going home. Whitney quickly recognises it’s his PTSD.

Kat gets jealous of Sharon

A comment from Sharon leaves Kat feeling insecure about Sharon and Phil’s history (Credit: BBC)

Kat gets the keys to the laundrette and is chuffed when Phil mentions he’s sorted the cab license too.

Ben spots them and it shocked that Phil is moving on.

Later a comment from Sharon leaves Kat feeling insecure about Sharon and Phil’s history.

Ruby makes a decision

Ruby just wants to focus on the family that she has (Credit: BBC)

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Martin wants to look at other options to conceive which gets Ruby’s back up.

She just wants to focus on the family that she has and Martin reluctantly agrees.

Later she visits their monument and adds a new stone in memory of the baby she’s lost. Jean watches and offers her some encouragement.

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