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Monday 25th May 2020

EastEnders SPOILERS: Thing get worse between Karen and Bailey

Bailey isn't happy with Karen at the moment

It looks like things could get worse between Karen Taylor and Bailey Baker in upcoming EastEnders.

A couple of weeks ago, after showing Karen her family tree she made at school, Bailey asked Karen to be her legal parent.

But Bailey soon found out that Karen knew her mother Dinah, who was suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, wanted to take her own life.

Bailey's mum Dinah took her own life earlier this year (Credit: BBC)

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Dinah took her own life back in May.

After Bailey found out the truth, she was furious with Karen and has been avoiding her ever since.

In tonight's episode (October 25 2019) it looked like Karen and Bailey had made up when Karen washed everything in Bailey's room and gave it a space theme.

But Karen accidentally washed Dinah's cardigan - the last thing Bailey had which smelt like her mum.

After realising Karen had washed the cardigan, Bailey was devastated.

However, in a spoiler clip on Twitter, it looks like the two get to talking, but will things get better or worse?

In the clip, Bailey tells Karen she needs to make a volcano, film the eruption and take it into school as a project.

Desperate to make things right with the young girl, Karen offers to help her make the volcano.

Although the volcano doesn't look amazing, Karen has an idea to make the eruption look good by using Mitch's smoke pellets.

Karen tries to help Bailey with a school project (Credit: BBC)

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As they record the eruption, Karen's ex and Bailey's dad Mitch walks in and the smoke alarm starts going off.

Thinking it's a fire, he moves Bailey out of the way, puts a towel over the smoke and stamps on the volcano essentially destroying the project.

When Bailey asks Karen if she at least recorded the smoke, Karen realises her phone was on photo mode, not record and didn't capture anything.

Upset, Bailey storms out. Can Karen and Bailey make up?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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