EastEnders SPOILERS: Mick comes face to face with abuser Katy Lewis

Katy abused Mick when he was 12

EastEnders spoilers reveal Mick comes face to face with Katy Lewis, the woman who sexually abused him as a child.

Recently Mick was shocked when Frankie told him he is her father and her mum is Katy, a woman from his past. But Frankie was disgusted to learn that her mum had sexually abused Mick when he was just 12.

EastEnders: Katy drops a bombshell on Mick

In next week’s scenes Mick is stunned to come face to face with Katy as she turns up in Walford. He demands to know why she never told him that Frankie is his daughter.

Mick comes face to face with abuser Katy (Credit: BBC)

But he isn’t prepared for her response. What will she say?

Katy, Mick and Frankie meet up

Later, Tina sees Mick and Katy talking and is excited to see Katy, unaware of what she did to Mick.

They soon begin remising about their time with her in the care home but they’re interrupted when Katy sees a message from Frankie – she wants to meet up, but she wants Mick to be there.

Tina is excited to see Katy (Credit: BBC)

Later, Katy manages to convince Mick to meet Frankie with her.

Tina is determined to get to the bottom of what’s bothering Mick and asks Ian to give Mick a job. He eventually agrees to ask him to do a shift at The Queen Vic.

Later whilst being behind the bar, Mick’s mood darkens when Shirley and Tina arrive. Tina tries to lighten the mood but when Katy is mentioned things quickly escalate.

Mick’s mood darkens when Shirley and Tina arrive (Credit: BBC)

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Mick ends up accidentally smashing a bottle leaving Ian furious. This soon gives away that Tina set the job up.

What will Mick say?

EastEnders: Mick tells Shirley the truth?

Over the last few weeks, Mick’s family have started to notice that something is bothering him.

This week, Shirley demands to know why Mick has been calling Frankie and who he is to her. She refuses to let it go and pushes for the truth. But will Mick tell her?

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