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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 30-June 3

Stacey's rushed to hospital after Jean's attack

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Stacey‘s life is in danger as she’s rushed to hospital following Jean’s attack.

Will she survive?

Meanwhile in Walford, the residents are planning to go big for the Jubilee.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Stacey seriously injured

Stacey Slater looks in pain

Stacey dismisses Jean’s worries about her injury.

However, it’s clear Stacey’s in a lot of pain.

Jean Slater looks terribly worried and pale

Jean’s concern gives Stacey hope her mum is getting better.

It isn’t long, though, before it becomes obvious Stacey isn’t okay and she collapses…

2. Stacey rushed to hospital

Injured Stacey Slater is taken in an ambulance

Stacey is loaded into an ambulance and rushed to hospital.

Her panicked family watch on and Kheerat goes with her.

Concerned Kheerat Panesar talks to the doctor in hospital in EastEnders

At the hospital worried Kheerat discovers her life is at risk.

Stacey could be developing sepsis and Kheerat feels compelled to tell the doctors the truth about what happened with Jean.

3. Stacey dumps Kheerat?

EastEnders Kheerat talks to angry Stacey

The doctors manage to stop the infection and Stacey and Kheerat make things official.

However, Stacey is soon left furious to learn a mental health nurse is visiting Jean and checks herself out of hospital.

Angry at Kheerat for breaking her trust, is it all over between them?

4. Jada kisses Zack

EastEnders Jada leans in towards a stunned Zack

Zack tries to cheer Jada up after she loses her job.

But Jada takes it the wrong way and tries to kiss him.

EastEnders Sharon wants answers and looks like she means business

Hurt by his rejection, Jada lies to Sharon that Zack kissed her.

Sharon is furious as she confronts Zack.

EastEnders Zack looks annoyed

He is confused when Sharon kicks him out of the house.

Will Jada tell the truth?

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5. Linda stays clean

EastEnders Linda beams dressed as a monarch

Linda is tempted to buy wine, but decides to throw herself into planning the Jubilee instead.

Mick is pleased to see her enthusiastic, but when Linda later offers to use her cash to expand The Vic, she is disappointed when Mick says he can’t trust her.

6. Linda makes a business investment

Linda Carter has realised something in Ruby's

Linda is in Ruby’s fighting the urge to buy a drink.

She overhears Denise and Kim saying they need an investor.

EastEnders Kim and Denise and Linda are engrossed in business talk

Linda approaches and offers to invest.

Kim and Denise are unsure, but accept when Linda offers them £50k by the end of the day.

Janine Butcher turns her nose up and crosses her arms

Linda later celebrates her new investment with annoyed Janine watching on.

But it soon becomes clear how Janine got the money for Linda…

EastEnders Sharon Watts looks really worried

Sharon is horrified when Linda tells her what has happened, but will Linda confess to Nancy?

Can she put this right?

7. Can Rainie cope?

Rainie Highway is clearly struggling with the baby

Still struggling following Stuart’s confession, Rainie paints on a smile when Bernie reveals she’s started the process of signing over the parental order.

Rainie is unsure how she’ll cope.

8. Whitney is Britney!

EastEnders Rocky cheers as Whitney performs as Britney

The Jubilee celebrations begin at the Prince Albert with Rocky hosting a talent competition.

Whitney performs as Britney Spears and the crowd love it.

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