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Kathy finally realises what Ben's been through

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Kathy finally realises what Ben has been through.

But now the truth is out, can she help her struggling son?

Elsewhere in EastEnders, Linda is in a dramatic car crash, but will she survive?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Ben’s struggle continues

EastEnders Ben looks bedraggled on the sofa under a pink blanket

Ben is on a downward spiral and pushing everyone away who tries to help.

He is rude to stunned Rocky leading Kathy to snap at her son.

EastEnders Ben is shaken and struggling

Worried Kheerat employs help at the Arches, but Ben is uncomfortable about Dave’s presence.

Ben insists Dave leaves and once Ben is alone, he breaks down.

2. Kheerat fears for Ben

Ben Mitchell looks at Kheerat Panesar who is alarmed at the state of him

Kheerat is stunned by the state of Ben and suggests he take some time off.

Worried Kheerat confides his fears in Kathy.

3. Kathy realises the truth

Ben Mitchell is withdrawn and pale

Ben arrives home distant and withdrawn.

Kathy confronts him as tensions continue to grow.

Kathy Beale puts her hands on her son Ben Mitchell's face as she realises he was raped

Kathy blames Ben for what happened with Callum.

However, it’s not long before things become too much for Ben.

EastEnders distraught Ben Mitchell hugs his mother Kathy Beale

The penny finally drops for Kathy and she realises Lewis raped her son.

As she vows to do all she can to support him, will she persuade him to report his attack?

4. Lewis reels Callum in?

Callum Highway listens as Lewis asks for help

Lewis suffers a homophobic attack and talks to Callum about it.

Is Callum falling for his charms?

5. Nancy finds out the truth

EastEnders Nancy is apprehensive with Zack as she worries about her mum

Nancy is apprehensive about a trip with Linda and confides her fears in Zack.

He makes it worse when he lets slip Linda was planning to leave.

6. Sharon winds Janine up in EastEnders spoilers

Janine Butcher is concerned when smug Sharon winds her up

Sharon enjoys winding Janine up as she reveals Linda is going to tell Nancy the truth about the money.

Janine worries how she’s going to get out of this mess.

7. Nancy confronts Linda

Linda Carter tries to make annoyed daughter Nancy Carter see sense

Nancy confronts Linda about her plans to leave.

But she doesn’t give her mum the chance to explain herself before she storms out of the car.

EastEnders frustrated Linda begs Nancy to come back

Linda desperately tries to explain everything, but Nancy doesn’t want to hear it.

Nancy heads off back to Walford, leaving Linda alone in a broken down car.

8. Tragedy strikes for Linda

EastEnders angry Linda makes a phone call

Linda gets drunk and calls The Vic – a call which is intercepted by Janine.

Janine is determined to do all she can to stop the truth coming out.

Smug Janine Butcher steps out of a black cab

Janine gets a cab to find Linda and stop her getting to Mick.

But with Linda’s car now working, Linda is resolved to tell all and tries to get behind the wheel.

EastEnders frustrated Janine tries to stop drunk Linda Carter driving

Janine stops her driving drunk.

Instead, she drives Linda home, pleading with her not to tell Mick the truth.

Fed up Janine agrees to drive annoyed and drunk Linda home in EastEnders

But tragedy strikes when Janine loses control of the car and crashes…

Will they both survive?

9. Linda dies?

EastEnders worried Shirley stuns Mick with news of Linda

Shirley gets a call about Linda’s accident and she and Mick are forced to rush to the hospital.

When they get there the news is devastating…

EastEnders Mick looks upset while on the phone

Mick discovers Linda is in critical condition and could die.

Will she pull through?

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10. What is Ash hiding?

EastEnders Suki looks annoyed as she looks at a letter

Suki is riled by Ash and knows she’s got a secret.

She goes through Ash’s things and finds out what her daughter is hiding.

11. Kim nurses Howie

EastEnders Howie clutches his leg in pain as Kim looks at him

Howie trips over Kim’s bag and hurts his leg.

She takes him to A&E and then insists he moves in with her while he recovers.

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