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Thursday 28th May 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Stacey calls Sean!

His mum wants to see her son - but he hasn't been in Walford for years

Stacey reaches out and calls her brother Sean in next week's EastEnders.

Stacey's feelings are hurt when Jean refuses to come home. Later on, Shirley admits to Jean's daughter that seeing Sean is the only thing she wants.

Stacey is gobsmacked and deliberates over calling her brother.

Stacey calls Sean (credit: BBC)

Ultimately, she ends up calling Sean and reflects on their conversation.

But when Kat senses Stacey is missing her mum she hatches a plan and arranges a Slater gathering at Kush's... who's less than impressed.

Kat is later taken aback when Stacey admits she's spoken to Sean - and Kat quickly has a go at her.

Stacey then feels increasingly guilty when Jean mentions Sean during the kids' Easter egg hunt.

Jean is missing her son (Credit: YouTube/BBC)

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However, Kat doesn't help the situation by saying that Stacey should never have called him.

Sean was last seen on-screen just over 10 years ago.

His final appearance on Albert Square saw him finding out Amy wasn't his daughter through a Christmas cracker.

After finding out the news he tried to kill himself and Roxy by driving them into the lake - but she coaxed him out of the water so Ronnie and Jack could get Amy out of the car.

Jean left EastEnders in 2009 (Credit: BBC)

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But Roxy and Sean fell through the ice and Ronnie dived in to save her sister.

And when Sean emerged from the water Roxy told him to go.

It was revealed that Sean would be returning this year as part of Jean's cancer storyline.

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