EastEnders SPOILER: Dinah secretly says her goodbyes

There's tragedy ahead

There’s tragedy heading for EastEnders next week as Dinah Wilson bids farewell to her beloved daughter, Bailey Baker, before sadly taking her own life.

EastEnders fans have watched Dinah suffering with terminal illness for the last few months, with nine-year-old daughter Bailey looking after her mum all by herself.

Bailey and Dinah in EastEnders
Bailey has been looking after her mum for months (Credit: BBC)

But as Dinah’s health has taken a serious turn for the worst in recent weeks, it seems the desperate mum has had enough of depending on everyone else and has decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Next week sees Dinah hit rock bottom as she has a fall and is forced to call Karen Taylor for help.

Karen and Dinah in EastEnders
Dinah has to call Karen when she has a fall (Credit: BBC)

But as she gets assistance from her new friend, it seems she is fed up of feeling like a burden to everyone and even Karen can sense something is amiss.

Worried about Dinah’s state of mind, Karen talks to the nurse about Dinah seeing a mental health specialist.

But little does Karen know, Dinah has already made up her mind that she is going to take her own life and is already writing cards for Bailey’s future birthdays.

Karen and Dinah in EastEnders
Karen realises Dinah’s on a downward spiral (Credit: BBC)

Despite Karen’s attempts to help Dinah, it is clear that she is determined to go through with her plan and starts to put the wheels into motion.

As she spends some quality time with Bailey, the pair are left with smiles on their faces, but little does the school girl know her mum is secretly saying goodbye to her.

Bailey and Dinah in EastEnders
Bailey and Dinah share a moment, little does Bailey know this is the last time she will see her mum (Credit: BBC)

As Bailey heads off to the park with Chantelle and Karen, Dinah does the unthinkable and ends her months of suffering.

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It’s Mitch who finds Dinah later on and he’s stunned when he realises what she has done.

Mitch, Mick and Karen in EastEnders
Mitch is horrified when he finds Dinah (Credit: BBC)

Karen is heartbroken when she returns from the park and finds an ambulance at their house, horrified that Dinah actually went through with her devastating plan.

But where does this leave poor Bailey?

It is up to Keegan to break the news gently to his sister, and he’s quick to support her through this horrible time.

Mitch and Karen in EastEnders
Karen and Mitch try to make sense of Dinah’s actions (Credit: BBC)

But will Bailey ever get over what Dinah has done?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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