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Tuesday 26th May 2020

EastEnders fans horrified as Ben Mitchell sells SLAVES for cash

Ben's gone too dark for some viewers now

EastEnders fans have been left horrified after Ben Mitchell's return took a dark twist.

Phil's son has been decidedly sinister since making his comeback but viewers were shocked after it was revealed he was selling slaves for cash, and he didn't care what happened to them.

The women were kept drugged in the back of the truck (Credit: BBC)

With Phil desperate for money, Ben got him involved in a murky underworld and in last night's episode Keanu Taylor discovered the extent of it.

He found two drugged women hidden in the back of a truck being sent abroad and he tried to put a stop to it, telling the other gangster the Mitchells were out.

But when Ben turned up, fans were horrified when he not only didn't back Keanu up, but insisted they continue with the human trafficking because they were "only cargo".

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Even after Keanu pointed out the women were destined for a life of horror, Ben didn't care.

Keanu told him: "That’s people in there, people usually get smuggled in not out. Where do you think they’re going? Sex trade or worse?"

Instead Ben brushed him off and told the other gangster: "I’m Ben Mitchell, Phil’s son. Dad sent me here to keep an eye on you in case it went wrong.

Ben backed the other gangster despite Keanu's words of wisdom (Credit: BBC)

"Dad has got me all over this, I speak for him. Now do you want to let the day go to waste or shall we crack on and make some money?"

Keanu was horrified at Ben's actions but had no choice but to watch it happen - and later he was sickened when Ben dismissed the women as "cargo."

Viewers were equally as disgusted, with one tweeting: "What a vile character Max has made him in such a short period of time. #EastEnders".

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A second said: "Human trafficking... I'm pretty shocked. I think this must be the story Kate Oates was scared of #eastenders".

A third said: "Christ, human trafficking, what happened to the lovely Ben? We knew he killed Heather but that was accidental. #EastEnders".

Another added: "I'm confused by this new Ben, not just the fact they've changed the actor, but his character completely changed, who doesn't mind human trafficking, what.... #EastEnders".

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