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Thursday 2nd July 2020

EastEnders fans convinced Louise Mitchell will be sold as a slave after she is kidnapped

Louise is in danger after dad Phil lost his money and power

EastEnders fans are convinced Louise Mitchell is going to be put through a horrifying ordeal next week.

It has been confirmed she will be in danger from gangster Midge and his boss Danny Hardcastle - and some eagle-eyed fans think they know how it will happen.

Two women were drugged and held by the gangsters (Credit: BBC)

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Last month a huge trailer was released showing Louise being shoved into a car by Midge.

Her dad Phil tasked Keanu Taylor into keeping Louise safe after Danny made it clear he considered her fair game for revenge if Phil didn't play ball and pay him back for all the money he cost him in Spain.

Phil had tried to undercut Danny's activities on the Costas - but it ended up seeing Phil left bankrupt and struggling for cash.

Friday's episode saw Ben Mitchell taking a disturbing new direction as he readily agreed to help sell women into slavery to keep the money rolling in to rebuild the Mitchell family empire.

And now fans think the two storylines are going to converge in terrifying way and Louise will get caught up in it all and be sold as a slave.

One said: "Louise is going to end up like those girls because of Ben. My theory anyway. #eastenders".

Midge will kidnap Louise next week (Credit: BBC)

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A second said: "Louise gets kidnapped by a gang trafficking girls out of the country.

"Can they give her a new head when she comes back - one that can act?"

Another added: "It looks like Louise is about to have ANOTHER one of her brushes with death. She's the Kenny McCormick of Walford."

And even worse some think Ben will willingly sell Louise to the traffickers in an effort to hurt his dad as part of his big revenge scheme.

One said: "Anyone else think Louise will be trafficked by Ben? I do. #EastEnders."

Fans will have to wait to see what happens to Louise over the coming weeks but it's bound to be explosive.

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