EastEnders viewers spot blunder with Kat Moon’s mobile phone

They pointed it out on Twitter

Last night eagle-eyed EastEnders viewers spotted an issue with Kat Moon’s phone.

In the first episode to air on Thursday night (January 24) we saw the police arrive at the Slaters’ home to tell them someone had found Alfie’s car still running on the edge of a cliff with his wallet and watch still left inside.

However, Kat wasn’t worried as she had received a text from Alfie telling her he needed 48 hours.

Kat didn’t seem phased as she knew Alfie in money trouble.

As she stared at her phone viewers noticed a slight issue – it had the wrong date on it.

Kat’s phone had the wrong date (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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The date on her phone said Thursday 17th January, however yesterday’s date was the 24th of January.

Viewers pointed out the blunder on Twitter.

In the second episode we saw Ernie discover a note from Alfie in Kat’s handbag but he ate half on the note telling her where to look.

Alfie left Kat a note (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Kat and Stacey began to look around the house for a clue as to where Alfie had gone but Stacey was concerned when Kat said she left a voicemail for Alfie but she hadn’t received a reply.

Phil later turned up angry that Alfie had run off with £50,000 of his money and told Kat that Alfie’s debt was now her debt.

Beginning to fear the worst Kat started to tell the boys their dad had gone away. But as Tommy emptied a box of toys, she found the other half of his note which told her to look in the wardrobe.

Kat found the money (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

When she opened the wardrobe, Phil’s cash came spilling out of the top shelf.

She then received a text from Alfie saying he would be home soon.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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