does peter barlow die?

Does Peter Barlow die? Coronation Street favourite collapsed after his wedding

The alcoholic needs a liver transplant

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Peter Barlow collapsed in Coronation Street tonight after he tied the knot with soulmate Carla Connor but does he die?

Fans are terrified that Ken’s eldest son is about to make his maker. After years of alcoholism, his liver has finally had enough.

Will Peter Barlow die Coronation Street?

Peter has been warned that without a transplant he will lose his life.

Earlier this week, viewers saw a disastrous meeting with Peter, Carla, Daniel, Tracy and Steve as they tried to convince a specialist he is deserving of being on the transplant list.

does peter barlow die
Does Peter Barlow die? Coronation Street fans are worried for his future (Credit: ITV)

He needed to prove to them that he would take care of the new liver and not destroy it with booze.

But Tracy had grown convinced that Carla was doing the dirty on him and she would set her brother on a new path to destruction.

In tonight’s episode Peter was trying to keep his mind focused on the wedding.

Daniel was worried about how fragile he looked and wanted to take him to the hospital rather than the ceremony.

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Tracy rather insensitively said he was either getting wed or getting dead.

Meanwhile, Carla was worried that Peter wouldn’t show for the big day, as time ticked by with no sign or word.

She beamed as he turned up, ready to marry her, but things took a worrying turn as proceedings began.

Peter faltered a few times, but managed to get through his vows.

However, as the newlyweds arrived back on the cobbles, peter collapsed…

Wedding day drama

Alison King, who plays Carla, warned soap fans that the wedding day wouldn’t bring the joy they all wanted.

She said: “Daniel had wanted to get him to the hospital, but she knew how much it meant to Peter to get married, so they go ahead with getting him to the hotel for the ceremony.

“Peter is so poorly and as she starts to say her vows, it is looking increasingly like he might not get what he wanted after all.”

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