Robbie Jackson played by Dean Gaffney

Dean Gaffney reveals he’s mistaken for this celebrity all the time

He also discussed the upcoming EastEnders set upgrade and his twin daughters

Dean Gaffney claims he gets mistaken for male model David Gandy.

The soap star – best known for playing Robbie Jackson in EastEnders on and off since 1993 – has joked that the Scottish hunk would be lucky to share a resemblance to him.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s TV Bizarre column, he said: “He wishes he looked like me… No, I’m joking.

“It’s not just the fact he’s a model, he’s a very handsome guy, he’s not a young model, as in he’s kind of distinguished and the sheer fact that people even think that we remotely look alike, I’ll take that one definitely for the team. I think it’s great.”

Model David Gandy, who Dean claims he gets mistaken for (Credit: SplashNews)

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The 41-year-old star – who is two years older than his apparent doppelganger – also opened up about the upcoming £86.7 million set upgrade for Albert Square, which is set to be unveiled in 2021.

Commenting on the EastEnders revamp, he added: “They’re giving it the respect it deserves.

“I don’t really know much about it because I don’t know the figures, but I just know that the set was built to last a year and it’s actually not falling apart… it’s done well to last through all this weather in 33 years.

“I think it’s the coldest place on earth, that’s all I know. It’s a wind trap there. You see grown men crying come January there, trust me.”

Dean first appeared in EastEnders in 1993 (Credit: SplashNews)

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Meanwhile, Dean recently admitted he was glad his 22-year-old twin daughters Chloe and Charlotte don’t look to be interested in following in his acting footsteps.

He said: “With reality shows, it’s never been for them. They’re at an age where they’ve mapped out their life. We all love reality shows, they’re our guilty pleasure, but they’re just not that interested.

“They’ve got their full-time careers and their partners.  With acting, they know the business has its dark side, and there’s time when you’re not in full-time employment.

“I think they know it’s a business where I’m extremely lucky to have been working for 26 years. For every one person, there’s a thousand people that aren’t working.

“I’m happy they’re in full time employment, and it’s a horrible cold world when you’re not working.”

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