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Tuesday 18th June 2019

Corrie fans cry with laughter as Duncan is hit by a van

Corrie's 'Regina George' got his just desserts

There are many ways for villains to get their just desserts in soapland but this was the best one yet.

Conman Duncan Radfield was brought back down to earth in last night's Coronation Street when he was hit by a van, Mean Girls style, as he confessed his evil plan.

Duncan came a cropper Mean Girls style (Credit: ITV)

Tim and Sophie hatched a plan to confront Duncan's daughter Olivia and get her to admit her mother May was alive and well in Costa Rica.

They were set back when it became clear Olivia had no idea her mum was alive.

Instead she got upset at Sophie and Tim and called her dad to help her when they refused to let her leave.

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It spooked Duncan more than they realised and later Tim caught him on the phone to May telling her to lie low.

But when Tim chased Duncan down, Duncan decided to call his bluff.

He told him: "What exactly are you trying to achieve, a confession?

"Because even if what you're saying is true, I'd only deny it if I went to the police and I would go to the police."

He added: "If I was dead I couldn't change my story, could I?

That ending is the most entertaining the show has been for a long time.

"And how you going to get Sally out of prison then?

Tim was horrified at the scene (Credit: ITV)

"Face it Tim, I'm untouchable."

And in that moment a van sped into him in a way that reminded viewers of Mean Girls' Regina George.

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A sea of crying emojis and Mean Girls gifs flooded Twitter's Corrie hashtag.

One fan tweeted: "Hahahaha such a Mean Girls moment #corrie #coronationstreet"

Another added: "That ending is the most entertaining the show has been for a long time. #corrie"

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