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Tuesday 18th June 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Big new twist in Audrey's missing money scandal tonight

There's a new suspect!

Weatherfield police believe they are one step closer to finding out who stole Audrey Roberts' missing money.

While ITV fans have suspected dead Lewis Archer as well as shifty Nick Tilsley, they might have been barking up the wrong tree...

Tonight (Wednesday 9 January), viewers will see another Weatherfield resident arrested - but are they guilty of the crime?

Audrey was devastated to discover her bank account had been depleted (Credit: ITV)

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Last week, Audrey was gutted when her partner Lewis died and, days later, she was told the £80,000 inheritance she'd been left by Archie Shuttleworth had been taken from her account.

And soon the finger of suspicion will point at Claudia Colby, who is taken in by police when they arrest HER for stealing Audrey's cash.

Thanks to a little guidance from Audrey, who becomes convinced her rival is to blame!

Is Claudia behind Audrey's missing money? (Credit: ITV)

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Audrey's intrigue turns into anger when she discovers that Claudia's salon is currently having a brand new extension built...

How could she afford such a lavish expense?

Convincing herself that Claudia must be the culprit, Audrey wastes no time in accusing her of stealing her money to pay for the building work.

Then, after a furious argument with Claudia, Audrey takes things one step further and reports her to the police - despite having no evidence whatsoever!

Has Audrey got the wrong end of the stick? (Credit: ITV)

The fact that concerned grandson Nick implores her gran not to go to the police will no doubt convince some fans that he's somehow behind the whole sorry mess himself... But will Claudia be able to prove her innocence?

As if things weren't already bad enough for Audrey, she learns that the bank won't be reimbursing her the money, making her more determined to find the culprit.

But is she right about Claudia? Or is the real culprit right under the nose? Hmmm...

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