Corrie fans heartbroken for Audrey after robbery – but is her grandson to blame?

Audrey broke down after hearing more upsetting news...

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New Year couldn’t have started more appalling for Weatherfield veteran Audrey Roberts.

On New Year’s Day, she came home to discover her partner Lewis Archer dead on the floor after suffering from an apparent heart attack.

Lewis Archer dead Corrie
Not a good look for 2019 (Credit: ITV)

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And in a cruel double blow, last night’s visit to Coronation Street saw the hairdresser and salon owner receive yet more devastating news.

Fans were heartbroken for Audrey on Wednesday (2 January), when she discovered her bank account had had thousands of pounds stolen from it.

And the obvious culprit appeared to be her dead boyfriend and serial conman Lewis – was he scamming her all along?

Audrey feels utterly betrayed – and Lewis-hater daughter Gail is little solace (Credit: ITV)

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Audrey was left utterly destroyed when she discovered that the £80,000 that Archie Shuttleworth left her has been stolen from her account.

The trouble began when her grandson Nick took a call from his financial advisor who had some urgent news for his grieving gran.

And when Audrey spoke to the money expert, she heard some news so shocking that she swooned on the spot.

While Gail, David, Nick and Sarah gathered around to check she was okay, Audrey confessed the devastating news that all the money that Archie gave her has gone.

Coronation Street Audrey crying
Audrey was in bits – and so were viewers (Credit: ITV)

Struggling to come to terms with the fact that Lewis is most likely responsible for the theft, Audrey reported the missing money to the police.

Despite staying loyal to Lewis’ memory at first, she then remembered he’d helped her set up her online banking account, meaning he would have had access to her passwords.

Sitting in the Rovers, Audrey told Gail and Nick: “It was him that set them up. Lewis helped me set up my account… it was all his idea.”

She added: “How could I have been such a fool?!”

Coronation Street Audrey
Audrey sobbed with grief and shame (Credit: ITV)

As Audrey’s world came crashing down around her, she broke down in tears on Maxine’s bench… And fans were crying with her.

One said: “Aw poor Audrey. I know she’s stupid for trusting Lewis but I still feel sorry for her #corrie.”

Another said: “Anyone else just want to give Audrey a hug?”

A third simply wrote: “My heart is breaking for Audrey. #corrie.”

But was Lewis really the one stealing from under Audrey’s nose? And is he REALLY dead?

Some fans believe the fraudster has faked his own death

While many others believe it was Audrey’s own grandson Nick Tilsley who is the secret thief.

One suspicious fan, who noticed Nick looking shifty throughout the scene, said: “Did Nick fleece Audrey? Well we know he has financial problems. Could he worked with the ‘advisor ‘ in some way.”

Another said: “I 100% think Nick stole Audrey’s money I could be wrong but I doubt it #Corrie.”

A third added: “So Nick has stolen all of Archie’s money from Audrey and is pinning it on Lewis but did he kill him??? Nick is the new #Corrie super villain.”

Eek! Corrie bosses have revealed that there will be a new Pat Phelan-style baddie in Weatherfield, who viewers already know…

Could it be Nick?

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