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Coronation Street fans react to Brian Packham’s awkward rice blunder

With friends like Brian, who needs enemies?

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Brian Packham had the best intentions when he offered to help Daniel Osbourne with an important essay…

But, as so often happens with the well-meaning teacher, the ‘good deed’ ended catastrophically.

Let’s just say we don’t think Brian will be getting an ‘A’ for effort! More like an ‘F’, for ‘epic failure’.

Brian Packham laptop blunder
The first rule of Coffee Club is… Don’t spill the hot beverage on the laptop! (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s slapstick scenes, Sinead Tinker persuaded Brian to take a look at her husband’s coursework so he could spend some quality time with his newborn son.

However, viewers sensed imminent danger almost immediately, as the notoriously clumsy owner of the Kabin took hold of the laptop, with a nervous Daniel saying: “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Of course, the worst DID happen!

Would you trust this man with an important essay? No, us neither! (Credit: ITV)

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Like watching a train crash in slow motion, Cathy arrived home with a nice hot coffee for her partner… But, like a deleted paragraph from Goldilocks, it was way too hot and he burnt his lips.

Taking off the lid to blow on the beverage, Brian accidentally spilt the entire contents of the cup over Daniel’s expensive laptop. Oh no!

A stupefied Brian shouted: “I’ve drowned his computer.”

Brian + computer + coffee = disaster (Credit: ITV)

As Brian stared at the computer in total bewilderment, Cathy told her boyfriend to find some rice.

But in a moment worthy of a Carry On film, a flustered Brian found a pack of microwave Basmati rice and tipped it onto the open laptop!

The pair then watched as the computer flickered to its death, taking Daniel’s essay with it.

Wrong rice, Brian! (Credit: ITV)

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the misfortune, with one saying: “Lol Brian, he’s such a joke. Wait until Daniel finds out.”

Another joked: “Brian has got himself into a pickle.”

A third added: “Can’t believe what Brian did to Daniel’s laptop, hahaha.”

While one more simply laughed: “The Brian Packham magic.”

“Brian, I have a solution to you pouring liquid on the laptop,” said one concerned viewer. “Buy a one way ticket to Australia and hide! #Corrie.”

Will Daniel see the funny side of his laptop being ruined?

We doubt it!

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