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Thursday 18th July 2019

Coronation Street fans predict Seb Franklin is the new super villain

The labourer has lost everything and fans fear he's going to turn evil

Coronation Street fans are convinced Seb Franklin will be the new super villain on the cobbles.

Soap boss Iain MacLeod revealed last year how an existing character would become a new super villain on the street after circumstances pushed them onto a path they can't escape.

Phelan is connected to the new super villain but is it Seb? (Credit: ITV)

He also revealed the new villain would cause the death of a beloved character when the factory collapses.

The storyline will call back to Pat Phelan's work on Underworld, and fans will remember Seb worked with him on the job.

And after they witnessed his flash of anger earlier this week, fans think it's now obvious Seb is on the path to destruction.

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One fan posted on DS forums: "Looks like angry Seb could make quite a good villain following tonight's episode. An it'd fit the 'normal character who becomes evil due to circumstances'."

A second agreed adding: "The new villain is gonna be either Abi or him.

"Carla will frame Abi for the boat fire and everyone will turn against Abi which either will make her seek revenge or make her son seek revenge in her favour.

Abi and Peter have been growing closer but could this tip Seb over the edge? (Credit: ITV)

"One worked as a mechanic and one worked in the builders yard so either one can tamper with the roof.

"Then Rana will be in the factory (cause that's where her dress is being made) on the morning of her wedding day when it collapses, Kate will see this and scream and moan (like always) will die in Kate's arms. Then that will pit Carla vs Kate and the Connors into chaos where they'd choose sides."

A third took it further adding: "I'm thinking that Seb will end up being wrongly blamed for the boat fire now.

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"One of the reasons Abi wouldn't support Seb's application for guardianship of his brother and sister, is because she pointed out that it would be too cruel for the twins to live on the same street as their mother, see her every day but not be able to be with her.

"But next week, she's decided that she's going to leave with Peter anyway, and if that gets back to Seb, I can see that adding to the hurt and the anger that is already consuming him.

"My guess is, he'll react badly so that he'll look guilty when Peter's boat is ruined."

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