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Sunday 15th December 2019

Coronation Street fans outraged as Claudia pokes fun at memory of Deirdre Barlow

How dare she?!

Deirdre Barlow would have turned in her grave if she'd heard what Ken Barlow's new girlfriend said about her, or rather her fashion sense, last night.

But Coronation Street viewers were outraged on her behalf, as Claudia Colby mocked the Weatherfield legend in scenes that were both emotional and upsetting.

Perhaps Deirdre just wore them better, Claudia? (Credit: ITV)

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Corrie fans know that Claudia has temporarily moved into the Barlow family home, and within moments of stepping foot over the threshold, nagged Ken into decluttering.

And when she found a box containing his late wife's old glasses, she tried them on for a bit of fun.

But soap fans are fiercely protective over Deirdre's memory, and didn't see the funny side when Claudia poked fun at Deirdre's choice of glasses.

Do. Not. Mess. With. Deirdre. (Credit: ITV)

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She couldn't comprehend Ken's attachment to the box of old spectacles, and told him he had to be "ruthless" in throwing his treasured possessions away.

Referencing the Marie Kondo lifestyle trend, she said: "Old specs? How can they bring joy?"

How DARE you make fun of our Deirdre's glasses?!

To which Ken gave the heartbreakingly sincere reply: "Deirdre bought me joy."

Anybody else's lip quivering?

Tracy was as livid as the viewers when she saw Claudia wearing her mum's specs (Credit: ITV)

Blundering on insensitively, Claudia added: "I can't believe these were ever on trend."

However, those watching from home were no doubt relieved when Tracy arrived, and slammed her dad's new girlfriend for desecrating the memory of her mum.

She fumed: "What the hell do think you're doing?

"I came round for my car key and I find you making fun of my mother's memory."

They might not have been on trend, but Deirdre's perm and glasses made her who she was (Credit: ITV)

Lashing out at her dad, she added: "God, your standards have dropped."

Fans were equally as disgusted with Claudia but touched by the nod to Deirdre's memory, with one tweeting: "How DARE you make fun of our Deirdre's glasses?!"

Another wrote: "Now come on Claudia, you can't make Ken get rid of Deirdre's glasses or his books!!!"

A third typed: "Claudia [bleep] off!"

"Deirdre will haunt Claudia with her stuffed marrow," joked another, while one more added: "Deirdre would be very proud of Tracyluv. #Corrie."

Deirdre died on the show in 2015, just before her 60th birthday after actress Anne Kirkbride tragically passed away after a battle with breast cancer.

Gone but certainly not forgotten - by Ken with his box of glasses, or by the fans!

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