Coronation Street SPOILER: Chesney forced to choose between Gemma and Emma

Who knew he was such a ladies' man?!

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Corrie’s Chesney Brown finds himself the unlikely ladies’ man of Weatherfield with both Gemma and Emma vying for his attention next week.

But just as he decides which one he wants to be with, a surprise confession may change the way he feels.

Chesney needs to choose between Gemma and Emma (Credit: ITV)

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So far Chesney has been using kind-hearted Emma to make Gemma jealous, but he’s oblivious to the fact Emma has genuine feelings for him.

She’s been going all gooey-eyed over the ginger kebab shop manager for a while now, but has been selflessly putting her feelings aside to help him in his quest to win Gemma’s heart.

Gemma seems to be dating Spike, but we all know she really likes Chesney!

This love square is a little confusing (Credit: ITV)

So as these two fail to get their act together, all the time Ches has been spending with Emma’s been having an affect on him and he admits to her that he now has feelings for her for real and wants to be with her.

Emma’s thrilled, while Gemma’s distraught as she watches the two of them do the ultimate of coupley things and go off for a run together!

Emma is thrilled that Chesney actually likes her (Credit: ITV)

Gemma’s still knocking around with Spike though and when he’s accused of breaking into the pizza shop, an angry Gemma thinks Chesney was the one who shopped him to the cops.

Ches denies it was him and Gemma’s shocked when Spike admits was responsible for the break in and it was the shop owner who called the police, not Chesney. Oops.

Gemma thinks Chesney reported Spike (Credit: ITV)

Spike urges Gem to be honest with Ches about how she really feels, and taking his advice on board she steels herself to bite the bullet.

She tells Chesney she made a mistake and she’s really sorry for having a go at him and then asks him out for lunch.

Chesney has lunch with Gemma, but would he rather be with Emma? (Credit: ITV)

Chesney clearly doesn’t realise it’s a date and invites Emma to join them, who is uneasy as she sees just how well Ches and Gem get on.

As they bounce off each other and the conversation flows, Emma confronts Gemma about whether she has feelings for Chesney.

Poor Emma’s not the luckiest in love (Credit: ITV)

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Will Gemma confess that she does want to be with her best mate? And which girl will Ches eventually choose?

He’s wanted Gemma for so long, his feelings for Emma have come out of the blue – but could they be more genuine than he realises?

Poor Emma doesn’t have much luck in love after failed romances with David Platt and Seb Franklin, while Gemma’s romance with Henry Newton turned very sour – who will get their happy ending this time?

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