Coronation Street SPOILERS: Asha makes a shock confession to Aadi in huge twist

Corey, Kelly and their friends attacked Seb and Nina

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal what’s next for Corey and Asha after she decided to tell the police the truth.

In last night’s episodes (Monday, May 10) Corey told Asha to tell police they were together in the flat on the night Seb and Nina were attacked.

Seb and Nina were attacked by Corey and his friends. But Seb died from his injuries (Credit: ITV)

However she was unable to lie and told police she wasn’t with him. But she told her friend Amy that she believes Corey was at home when the attack happened.

Coronation Street spoilers: What’s next for Corey and Asha?

In tomorrow night’s scenes (Wednesday, May 12) Kelly pays Corey a visit and suggests they tell the police the truth. But he sends her packing.

Meanwhile Corey’s dad Stefan tells him to cut all ties with Kelly.

Stefan tells Corey to cut ties with Kelly (Credit: ITV)

Abi goes to the police station to get them to listen to Seb’s voice message that he left just before the attack. Soon Corey walks in with his dad to make a statement.

Meanwhile Imran and Toyah’s attempts to get Kelly to tell the police what happened are hampered when her mum Laura returns and tells her daughter to say nothing to the police.

Soon a worried Amy reveals to Paul that someone in their class was being nasty to Summer and she ran off.

Nina wants to leave hospital

In hospital, Roy finds Nina packing her bag. She explains that she’s discharging herself as she needs to revisit the scene of the attack to try and jog her memory.

But Roy is concerned and talks her out of it.

Nina is determined to remember what happened (Credit: ITV)

Having taken a call from the police, Imran tells Kelly the police want to ask her some further questions.

But Laura is having none of it and asserts that she’s Kelly’s mother and calls the shots, dragging Kelly away.

However when Kelly finds out the only reason Laura returned his because her boyfriend threw her out, Laura backs down and lets Imran sit in on the interview.

Laura drops a bombshell on Imran and Toyah

Meanwhile Abi tells Kevin she won’t rest till they’ve got Seb’s attacker.

Meanwhile Paul finds a downcast Summer in Victoria Garden. She tells him she feels partly to blame for the attack and should’ve made Kelly leave when she did.

Imran sits in on Kelly’s interview (Credit: ITV)

Later in the week, a police officer calls at No.13 and breaks the news to Abi and Kevin that they’ve charged someone and it would seem the attack was triggered by Nina’s appearance.

As Kevin sees her out, Abi mulls over the news with mounting anger.

Laura calls at Imran and Toyah flat and tells them when Kelly has been released, she’ll be coming back to live with her. Imran is furious.

Asha makes a shock confession to Aadi

Next week Aadi wonders why Asha has decided to defend Corey and reckons she’s hiding something.

Asha confides in her brother how she despises Corey and reckons he’s guilty as sin. She tells him she’s only pretending to take his side in the hope he’ll slip up and she’ll get to the truth.

Asha confides in Aadi that she thinks Corey is guilty (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Roy’s perturbed to find a bin bag full of Nina’s dresses. Asha offers to look after them in the hope Nina will change her mind and Roy is grateful.

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