Coronation Street: Gail and Eileen funniest fallouts

Gail and Eileen have had quite a few fights

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Coronation Street characters Gail and Eileen have never seen eye to eye.

In tonight’s episode of the soap (Wednesday, January 27) Gail went to meet George after discovering they share the same set of great great grandparents.

Mary and Eileen watched, jealous. But it wasn’t long before Eileen and Gail were arguing once again.

Eileen and Gail had another argument (Credit: ITV)

But what are some of Gail and Eileen’s funniest fights?

Coronation Street: Gail and Eileen fight in the street – 2004

The argument that started it all was in 2004. Gail’s daughter Sarah was going to marry Eileen’s son Todd.

However Todd started sleeping with his friend Karl and later confessed to Sarah he is actually gay.

Gail and Eileen’s fight in 2004 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Gail went to go for Todd, but his mum Eileen stepped in and ended up brawling with her instead.

As the two yelled insults at each other about their kids, Gail called Todd a “pervert”.

Furious Eileen gave her a smack and warned her to go home.

But good old Gail jumped on Eileen grabbing her hair. As Todd managed to break them up, Charlie and Jason came along and Gail said the famous line: “Oh here’s the other one, the rest of the village people.”

Gail and Eileen fight over Michael

In 2015, Gail and Eileen fought in the street once again over Gail’s husband Michael.

Michael found out Gail knew Andy Carver had been pretending to be his son Gavin and moved out.

Gail and Eileen had another fight in 2015 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

He went to live with his friend Eileen. But when Michael told Gail that he and Eileen had kissed, Gail went into her mum Audrey’s salon and began to throw product bottles at Eileen.

Eileen left the salon and the two women began to fight in the street once again. The scrap was split up by Gail’s son Nick.

Gail and Eileen in the Rovers

Before Gail was due to marry Michael, Eileen decided to wind her up.

Eileen wound up Gail (Credit: ITV)

As Audrey, Gail and Maria sat in the Rovers having a drink, Eileen came to sarcastically wish her luck on her sixth wedding.

Eileen asked if kept the same invites and changed the name.

Whilst the encounter wasn’t as violent as their previous arguments, it was still very funny to watch.

Gail and Eileen row over Jason and Becky – 2008

Gail’s daughter Sarah went on to marry Eileen’s other son Jason.

But in 2008, Gail discovered Jason cheated on Sarah with Becky Granger after she moved to Italy.

As Jason went to go to Italy, Gail threatened to call and tell Sarah what happened.

Eileen tried to stop Gail and the two women began rowing in the street once again. They had to be split up (once again) by Jerry Morton.

Gail and Eileen become friends? Just kidding

In 2018, Eileen’s husband serial killer husband Pat had died after being stabbed by Anna Windass.

Gail went to see Eileen and told her about the hate she had been getting on a website. She tried to lend her support as she had also been married to a killer (Richard Hillman).

Gail tried to support Eileen but it didn’t go to plan (Credit: ITV)

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But of course, it wasn’t long before an argument kicked off. She threw Gail out, saying she didn’t need her pity.

Gail said she would need friends when people talk about her behind her back. But it looks like a friendship wasn’t meant to be.

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