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Thursday 28th May 2020

Coronation Street fans turn on veteran character Ken Barlow

He's been in Weatherfield for nearly 60 years!

Ever since he first appeared on Coronation Street in 1960, Ken Barlow has been a part of the furniture.

In fact, William Roache - the actor who plays him - is the longest-serving star in a televised soap opera, which earns him some serious kudos.

But some fans of the ITV soap have done the unthinkable and turned on the character!

Ken and his son Peter (Credit: ITV)

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The change of heart comes after Ken was perceived to be unfriendly towards the new kids on the block, the Bailey family.

Newcomers Aggie, Edison, Michael and James arrived on the Street this week after buying Norris Cole's old house.

But old-timer Ken wasn't happy to see them as they had disrupted a documentary he was trying to watch.

In fact, viewers slammed Ken for being "unneighbourly", "childish", "pretentious" and a "pompous old git" when he complained about the noise as they started renovation work on the house.

Ken versus Edison on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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Writing on Digital Spy forums, one user wrote: "Did anyone else find Ken annoying tonight? There is no law against renovating a house and sadly work does create noise.

The way he was acting, you would think that they were deliberately causing a disruption. Not very neighbourly from Ken.

"The way he was acting, you would think that they were deliberately causing a disruption. Not very neighbourly from Ken."

Others agreed, with another typing: "Ken Barlow gives old people a bad name. I think the word I would use for him would be pretentious.

"Here he is, in his eighties, still living in a back street two-up, two-down house. Surrounded by a family of children who he has abandoned and ignored for years.

"In his mind he is a great scholar worthy of respect from his neighbours, whereas in my mind he is a failure on all counts. I never liked him from day one. Put him out to pasture with Sally's horse."

Will the Bailey family and the Barlow brood become friends? (Credit: ITV)

A third said: "Seriously Ken, for one or two days out of the last 59 years, there are loud noises coming from number three.

"Like you're a near 80-year-old retired man... You don't have to watch the documentary now, you can go for a walk, go to the pub, go into the city for a look. Basically Kenneth, get a life."

"It was ridiculously cringey viewing," said one more. "Naturally if there are new neighbours moving in, they might be making noise.

"To be kicking up a fuss so early on is ridiculous."

Others claimed Ken was acting "superior" and "insufferable", while another even called Ken "vile".

Another said: "Ken made himself look like a fuddy duddy that complains about the slightest squeak.

"If they were working at night on a weekend I would understand the complaint, but it was during a weekday which is when building work is usually done.

"Ken even came across as childish when he refused the drink the man offered to buy him."

However a few viewers thought the Bailey family had been worse, saying: "I thought the new bloke was nasty, winding up an old man like that [...].

"Like the Battersbys when they turned up on the street. Ken may have jumped the gun a bit but there was no need to wind him up like that, he could have just been nice and polite and told him that they were the new neighbours and apologise for the noise but tell him it has to be done. Dislike them already."

The Bailey family have moved in to Norris Cole's old house (Credit: ITV)

Spoilers tell us the the new family find themselves embroiled in a furious feud next week, as tensions with Ken escalate.

We're told Ken will soon find himself with a huge hole in the wall after Michael makes a mishap with the plastering.

Things turn nasty as Aggie clashes with Ken's love interest Claudia Colby, and the Bailey clan embark on a mission to deliberately annoy the neighbours by switching on every power tool in their possession.

Whose side are you on?

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