Coronation Street fans have no sympathy for Sarah as Adam ends their marriage

Sarah and Adam only got married earlier this year

Coronation Street fans have no sympathy for Sarah Barlow after her husband Adam ended their marriage.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah discovered her ex-boyfriend Gary killed loan shark Rick Neelan. Although she planned to go straight to the police, Gary ended up saving Sarah from being hit by a car.

Gary confessed to Sarah that he still loved her and with him saving her life, she decided to keep his secret and threw away Rick’s watch, which was found in the woods where Gary buried the body.

Gary told Sarah he killed Rick to protect her (Credit: ITV)

However Sarah’s husband Adam became increasingly suspicious and when he found out the truth, he gave Sarah an ultimatum.

While Gary was getting married to Maria, Adam told Sarah she needed to choose between him and defending Gary.

Sarah Coronation Street
Sarah was heartbroken when Adam ended things. But viewers have no sympathy (Credit: ITV)

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Sarah told her husband that she would get in trouble for disposing of evidence. Furious, Adam told Sarah he wouldn’t be second best to Gary and ended their marriage.

Although Sarah has been left heartbroken by Adam’s decision, viewers have no sympathy for her.

Coronation Street: Sarah’s secret

What Adam doesn’t know is that Gary knows Sarah was also involved in a murder.

Back in 2015, Sarah was attacked by Callum Logan as she tried to record him confessing to his crimes. However when he turned violent, David’s wife, Kylie, hit him over the head with a wrench, killing him.

David, Kylie and Sarah buried the body in the annex of the Platts’ house. But when Tyrone Dobbs crashed his truck through the annex the body was discovered.

Sarah played a part in Callum’s murder and cover up (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, the blame for Callum’s death was placed on builder Tony Stewart, as it was his wrench that was used to kill Callum.

However, Tony died of a heart attack before Callum’s body was found in the annex, therefore making it impossible for him to defend himself.

After getting into a relationship with Gary, Sarah told him the truth about Callum’s death. But will she ever tell Adam why she’s keeping Gary’s secret?

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