Coronation Street fans sickened as Geoff tries to force Yasmeen to eat a crab shell

Coronation Street fans divided by Geoff and Yasmeen’s coercive control storyline

He's a vile bully

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Geoff Metcalfe’s controlling behaviour sunk to new lows last night, and Coronation Street fans “can’t take much more” of him.

Many viewers declared they’d had to switch the ITV soap OFF because they found the storyline so distressing.

Yasmeen Geoff housework
Geoff forced Yasmeen to smell his finger to check how clean the house was (Credit: ITV)

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After forcing wife Yasmeen to become his housework slave, evil Geoff then wrongfully accused her of being an alcoholic.

Physically sickened by this storyline. It goes on I know, but can’t bare to watch it.

On Wednesday (January 15), viewers were aghast as Geoff’s gaslighting behaviour took on new heights when he tried to persuade Yasmeen that she’s an alcoholic.

Over the past year, Geoff has been hacking away at Yasmeen’s self-confidence with his coercive behaviour – cutting her off from her friends, spying on her and ridiculing her.

Geoff has stripped Yasmeen of all her dignity (Credit: ITV)

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In upsetting scenes, Geoff checked Yasmeen had done the housework to his satisfaction, before suggesting she had a drink problem!

Showing how deeply he has manipulated her, Yasmeen started to agree that she was out of control and promised that she would work on herself.

As she promised to cut out her drinking, Geoff asked her to hand over all of her bank cards so she isn’t tempted to buy alcohol when she is out.

Geoff Yasmeen Corrie
Oh Yasmeen, can’t you see what he’s doing to you? (Credit: ITV)

Luckily both Cathy Matthews and Brian Packham have started to have their suspicions about Geoff’s controlling behaviour, but some fans have begged the storyline to end NOW because it’s so upsetting.

Writing in Twitter, one said: “Physically sickened by this storyline. It goes on I know, but can’t bare to watch it.”

Another said: “I really don’t want to watch @itvcorrie anymore if all we see is Geoff’s awful manipulation of Yasmeen!”

A third added: “This awful storyline is enough to make me switch off.”

“Can’t watch Corrie at present. The domestic violence and abuse storyline is way too traumatic and makes for feeling dreadful,” said one more, while another typed: “I’ve stopped watching because of Geoff.”

“Actually can’t watch it anymore while this storyline is going on,” said another. “I know it happens and it’s awful, I just find it too uncomfortable to watch at the moment so will watch again when it’s done.”

However, others said that real life domestic abuse storylines don’t end overnight, with one writing: “Not if this domestic abuse storyline is going to be authentic! Geoff hasn’t even started yet!”

Another said: “This storyline is making me uncomfortable but it has to be told because there are people living in abusive relationships.”

A third added: “The storyline is highlighting mental/emotional domestic abuse! In reality it goes on for years. Instead of criticising, take note and be aware!”

“Such a hard storyline to watch, but very real,” said one more, while another added: “I love that people seem to think that there’s a comfortable way of showing abuse in a relationship. Ignore the whiners Corrie – you’re doing this story more than justice.”

Many others have called for Geoff to be killed off.

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