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Monday 13th July 2020

Coronation Street fans convinced vile Geoff is about to be exposed

It's about time!

Viewers of Coronation Street believe that Geoff Metcalfe's vile abuse of partner Yasmeen Nazir is about to be exposed.

Poor Yasmeen has been subjected to both psychological and emotional abuse at the hands of Geoff - and things have been getting progressively worse for the isolated chef.

Geoff has accused Yasmeen of being controlling, when it's clearly the other way around (Credit: ITV)

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In scenes shown earlier this week, the emotional bully continued to turn the screws on poor Yasmeen - turning the tables on her and accusing HER of being controlling!

Slowly chipping away at her confidence, Tim's dad tricked Yasmeen into believing he had planned a romantic break away for them both to Las Vegas - only for him to 'cancel it' because of her supposedly controlling behaviour.

I'm guessing Alya will find the hidden cameras that Geoff has planted.

When Yasmeen catched him browsing an online dating site, Geoff claimed he was doing research for a radio show and slammed his partner for not trusting him.

Geoff's power has increased now he is part-owner of Speed Daal (Credit: ITV)

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Furious with Yasmeen, Geoff declared the 'trip to Vegas' was off leaving her devastated.

Believing she was to blame, Yasmeen decided to make arrangements for the trip Geoff claimed he had planned for them.

But as his behaviour becomes more and more sinister, fans believe there'll be a silver lining to their trip away.

Actors Shelley King and Ian Bartholomew are involved in the coercive control plot (Credit: ITV)

While some fans fear Yasmeen might be pushed to breaking point - and others even worry Geoff might murder Yasmeen - there are some viewers who believe Geoff's deeds will be discovered while he's away.

And one has spotted a clue in Alya saying she would water her gran's plants...

Writing on Coronation Street ITV Facebook fan page, one wrote: "I think I know what's going to happen... Geoff has gone on holiday with Yasmeen and Alya says she's going to water the plants - so I'm guessing she'll find the hidden cameras that Geoff has planted."

Another added: "You're probably on to something, Geoff overlooked the fact Alya might spot the cameras while they are in Vegas. Which will be interesting. Alya is tough, she won't back down to Geoff."

A third typed: "I hope so! About time he was found out, the control freak!"

Geoff has already crossed Alya over the no-alcohol policy at Speed Daal (Credit: ITV)

"Alya is already wary of Geoff," observed another, while one more said: "Alya almost sussed Geoff a while ago but he dismissed her suspicions and Yasmeen assured her Geoff wasn't up to anything.

"I think Alya will find out soon."

Another hoped he "would slip up soon".

Over on twitter fans agreed they wanted Alya to find out.

Soap fans have begged scriptwriters to kill off Geoff, and hate the abuse he's putting Yasmeen through.

Last week, Corrie viewers were horrified when Geoff was seen searching dating sites for other women under Yasmeen's nose in her own house.

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