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Coronation Street fans beg for soap to bring ‘stupid’ Phill storyline to an end

Phill is refusing to give Fiz and annulment

Coronation Street fans have begged for the soap to bring Fiz and Phill’s storyline to an end.

Fiz has been trying to get an annulment from husband Phill since she broke up with him at their wedding reception.

However it looks like he won’t be signing the annulment forms now he knows Fiz is back with Tyrone.

Phill and Fiz Coronation Street
Fiz dumped Phill at their wedding reception (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Fiz, Phill and Tyrone

Earlier this month Fiz and Phill got married. However at the reception she ended up dumping her new husband, saying she didn’t love him.

She then left the celebration and told her ex-fiancé Tyrone that she still loved him and wanted to be with him.

The next day, Phill came to see Fiz begging for another chance.

He also told her if she had dumped him for Tyrone, he couldn’t go through with an annulment.

Fiz lied to Phill saying she didn’t want Tyrone back and just realised she didn’t want to be with him.

For a while Phill tried to win her back, but it became clear his plans weren’t working.

Phill tried to win Fiz back (Credit: ITV)

Fans beg for soap to bring ‘stupid’ storyline to an end

Last week, Phill started to realise Fiz didn’t want to be with him and agreed to give her an annulment.

However he asked that she attended a couples therapy session with him, just to be sure their relationship is over.

When they went to see the therapist, Fiz was horrified to see she was the same therapist that had been seeing her and Tyrone.

Later Fiz returned to the therapist with Tyrone and it was clear the therapist wasn’t happy with their lies and deceit.

She encouraged them to be honest with Phill, however he found out the truth for himself when he came back to the therapist’s office looking for his phone and saw Fiz and Tyrone having their therapy session.

He was devastated, but after a chat with Evelyn it looked like he would sign the annulment forms.

As he went to No.13 to say his goodbyes to Fiz’s children Hope and Ruby, Hope apologised for trying to ruining the wedding.

Phill is refusing to give Fiz an annulment (Credit: ITV)

But she also let slip that Fiz stayed at No.13 with Tyrone on their wedding night, leaving Phill furious.

He went to the Rovers and found Fiz and Phill having a celebration.

He tore up the annulment form, telling Fiz he knew where she spent their wedding night.

Phill then said that he would be filing for a divorce in 12 months, leaving Fiz and Tyrone worried.

But fans are getting fed up with the storyline and are begging for it to finally come to an end.

What do you think of this storyline?

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