Dev in Coronation Street

Coronation Street: Dev Alahan disgusts viewers with vile Shrek insult to lover Bernie Winters

The shop keeper made a thinly-veiled reference to Shrek when talking about Bernie

Coronation Street fans are disgusted after Dev Alahan insulted Bernie Winters after sleeping with her.

The corner shop-owning Lothario bedded Bernie after their fake date turned into real passion.

Dev Alahan made a vile reference to Bernie and disgusted viewers (Credit: ITV)

But after he was caught with Bernie and their fling became public knowledge, cruel Dev turned on her.

The cruel comments came as Steve ribbed Dev over his new romance, joking: “Horses for courses, not that I’m calling her a horse.”

Dev replied: “What’s wrong with you man, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s definitely not my kind of horse, I’m thoroughbred all the way man.”

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Dev then blamed “beer goggles” for their fling, before adding a thinly-veiled reference to Princess Fiona from Shrek about Bernie.

He said: “Listen if she was going to turn into a princess she’d have done so by now because I’ve kissed her enough times, hey more than enough times.”

Sadly for Dev, a furious Mary Taylor overheard his vile comments and stormed off.

And Corrie viewers were equally as disgusted with Dev.

One fan said: “Never thought I’d say this but I’m actually feeling sorry for Bernie after what Dev said about her to Steve.”

A second said: “Dev. If someone talked about Asha like that you’d be bouncing them off the wall. Stop it please.”

A third fan said simply: “Very cruel Dev.”

Bernie has changed completely from how she was when she arrived (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street star Jane Hazlegrove explains Bernie Winter and her personality transplant

Meanwhile actress Jane Hazlegrove has revealed how Bernie has changed for the better since arriving on the cobbles.

When she first arrived, Bernie was a neglectful mother. However as time has gone on she has grown.

“Her priorities have shifted quite a lot since she landed in the street,” Jane told ED! and other media.

She even tried to seduce Chesney before she was changed (Credit: ITV)

“I think she’s shown now that she can care about her family. She’s made some really bad decisions in the past. Her parenting skills weren’t great because she was so selfish.”

Jane continued: “I think she’s a little less selfish now. And her love for her family and what the quads are bringing, and her love for Gemma and Paul, and Chesney is overriding some of the mistakes she’s made in the past – she’s got a big past!”

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However she did admit that she refuses to look at viewer comments on Bernie.

“You either love her or you hate her, but that’s absolutely fine,” she added.

“I honestly don’t know what people are saying and that’s how I play it. I’m there to do a job.”

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