Coronation Street goes vegan?

Coronation Street: The Rovers, Dev’s and Roy’s Rolls should go vegan, PETA demands

Is this the end for Betty's Hotpot?

PETA wants Coronation Street to go meat-free and ensure establishments such as the Rovers Return are vegan.

The animal rights campaigners have called upon producer Iain McLeod to help drive awareness about veganism for environmental reasons.

rovers return Jenny Johnny
Could Coronation Street pub the Rovers go vegan? (Credit: ITV)

It was recently reported that BBC soap rivals EastEnders hired an eco consultant to help reduce carbon emissions during production.

But the expert also advises on other green matters and it is believed scenes showing on-screen consumption of meat have also been reduced.

Corrie kebabs off the menu?
Coronation Street goes vegan? Would you like chilli sauce on your meat-free doner? (Credit: Corrie YouTube)

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Consequently, the fry ups in Walford’s caff are all vegetarian.

But over on Weatherfield’s cobbles, Betty’s Hotpot still survives being served up in the Rovers. Could a plant-based version be on the way instead?

Who better to guide us towards a climate-friendly future?

PETA director Elisa Allen suggested in a letter that the upcoming 60th anniversary celebrations could be the right time for soap bosses to make a change. 

She wrote: “Serving vegan meat, milk, cheese, and more at the Rovers Return and Roy’s Rolls would put Corrie in good company. EastEnders will soon serve meat-free meals at the Queen Vic and Kathy’s, on the advice of the show’s new eco-consultant.”

Will Roy's Rolls go vegan?
Roy might be bringing back the bacon… because his customers don’t want it in their rolls any more (Credit: Corrie YouTube)

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Could Coronation Street’s future be vegan?

The letter continued: “Don’t tell Jack and Vera, but vegan foods and Corrie would make the best match we’ve ever seen on TV!

“Since Corrie has always been a tastemaker, who better to guide us towards a climate-friendly future?”

No doubt Speed Daal would be able to adapt. But will many of Corrie’s residents want to nip to the kebab shop for tofu pitta?

If EastEnders’ longest-serving characters can cut out the meat, maybe there’s a chance for Dev’s snack palace to thrive.

Nonetheless, Fred Elliot must be rolling in his grave…

Corrie kebabs off the menu?
The kebab shops may have had its chips (Credit: Corrie YouTube)

A source expanded about EastEnders’ moves to The Sun: “When Ian Beale tucks into a full English at the caff, not a rind of bacon passes his lips.

“Instead, all food now shown on air is vegetarian. This means Quorn sausages and bacon and some sort of kidney bean concoction for black pudding.

“Like everyone these days, EastEnders’ bosses want to do their bit for the environment. This is all part of a massive ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions.

“It means less food is wasted as veggie or vegan items can be re-heated. And obviously pigs, cows and sheep aren’t being slaughtered.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30pm on Fridays on ITV.

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