6 HUGE Coronation Street storylines coming this spring

There are some exciting storylines coming up!

Coronation Street always has plenty for viewers to look forward to, and spring 2021 is no different.

So what storylines can Corrie fans look forward to in the coming months?

Coronation Street storylines coming this spring

1. Coronation Street: Peter and Carla’s wedding

Peter needs a liver transplant (Credit: ITV)

In upcoming scenes Peter is told he needs a liver transplant, however he might not be eligible for one.

Peter and Carla plan to have a small wedding a hotel, without family.

When the day of the wedding comes around, Daniel can see how unwell Peter is and suggests he postpones the big day.

Will Peter and Carla’s wedding go to plan (Credit: ITV)

However Peter is having none of it and soon he invites Daniel to be his best man.

At the wedding Peter and Carla read out their own vows, but it soon becomes clear Peter is struggling.

Carla urges the registrar to speed up proceedings. Will Peter be okay and will they become man and wife?

2. Sharon Bentley returns

When is Coronation Street on tonight?
Sharon is coming back! (Credit: ITV)

After 22 years away, Sharon will come back to Weatherfield.

The character was last seen in 1999. Sharon left after a falling out with Rita.

The two women fell out over Sharon’s attempt to sell The Kabin after it was gifted to her.

But Sharon will be making her way back to Weatherfield.

Whilst it’s been kept under wraps the reason for her return, it has been revealed Rita’s former stepdaughter Jenny Connor is less than impressed with Sharon’s return and Rita’s decision to give her another chance.

Will Rita come to regret letting Sharon back into her life?

3. Leanne, Nick and Simon forced to flee the cobbles

Nick, Leanne and Simon leave the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

Over the last few weeks, Leanne has been delivering drugs for Harvey whilst secretly working with police.

But when the police turned up to arrest Harvey, he escaped.

Leanne told Harvey that she was the one who reported him to police, in an attempt to protect Simon.

Harvey was soon arrested, but vowed to get revenge on Leanne.

Natasha and Gail grow closer (Credit: ITV)

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In upcoming scenes, Leanne decides it would be best if she and Simon left Weatherfield and Nick decides to go with them.

Later Gail is upset that her son left without saying goodbye to her. However she is thrilled when Natasha asks her to have Sam for a few hours.

Could there be a new friendship blossoming between the two?

4. Tyrone finds himself in an awkward situation

Tyrone and Fiz recently split (Credit: ITV)

Recently Fiz and Tyrone split up after he confessed he’s in love with Alina Pop.

Tyrone moved out and is currently staying with best mate Kevin and his fiancé Abi. But Tyrone soon lands himself in a very awkward situation.

After an upset Hope asks why daddy has left them, Fiz asks Tyrone to move back in.

She makes it clear she’s not after a romantic union, but she wants to give the girls some stability.

Tyrone tells Alina that he loves her (Credit: ITV)

Tyrone pays Alina a visit and tells her he’s moving back in with Fiz. However he tells her it’s for the sake of the kids and she’s the one he loves.

But after moving back in, Fiz reveals she’s booked a counselling session for them both and Tyrone’s heart sinks.

Tyrone moves back in with Fiz. But will he end up regretting his decision? (Credit: ITV)

Later back at No.9, he sneaks off to take a call from Alina.

Are they starting a relationship? Is Fiz hoping she and Tyrone can get back together?

5. Trouble for the Weatherfield teens?

Nina and Seb started dating (Credit: ITV)

Recently viewers have seen romance blossom between Seb and Nina. Meanwhile Asha and her ex-boyfriend Corey got back together.

But it seems like there could be danger ahead.

Last year, Corrie boss Iain MacLeod teased there would be a ‘tragic’ storyline this year.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media at the time he said: “We’ve got a huge story next year, for which we’re laying the ground work this year, which involve some of the younger characters.

Kelly will be involved in this new storyline (Credit; ITV)

“So Asha, Nina, Aadi and Kelly. Some of you may remember Kelly, who is loan shark Rick Neelan’s daughter.

He continued: “They’re going to be mixed up in a story which will be incredibly hard-hitting, will have massive ramifications for Roy and Abi.

“And yeah essentially I think it’s going to be one of the biggest things we do next year by some margin.

The story will have huge ramifications for Seb’s mum Abi (Credit: ITV)

Iain added: “It’s quite a serious, social-responsibility type story. It will start with the teens but end up hoovering in Abi and Roy and countless other people as well.

“It would be weird to say I’m excited about it because it’s incredibly sad and tragic I think in some respects.”

Recently young Corrie actors Millie Gibson, Harriet Bibby, Mollie Gallagher and Harry Visinoni were spotting filming scenes together.

Will this storyline be kicking off soon? We’ll have to wait and see…

6. Ed struggles after discovering betrayal

Michael gets the DNA test results but what will they say? (Credit: ITV)

Michael recently became a father when his ex-girlfriend Grace gave birth to baby girl, Glory.

But he discovered that his uncle Ronnie may actually be his biological father.

Recently the two decided to do a DNA test, but chose not to tell Ed – the man who Michael has always believed to be his dad.

Is Ed going to be okay? (Credit: ITV)

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In upcoming scenes Michael receives the results of the DNA test, but when Ed finds out that Ronnie and Michael went behind his back, he feels betrayed.

Soon Michael worries his dad is gambling again. Is Ed going to be okay?

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