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5 glaringly obvious clues the whole of Emmerdale have missed that Meena’s a serial killer

She isn't backwards at coming forwards in the murderous sense

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It has to be said that Emmerdale serial killer Meena Jutla isn’t the most inconspicuous of murderers.

The nurse has killed three villagers so far and frankly couldn’t have made it more obvious.

She has been dropping clues left, right and centre all over the place – but no one in the village has noticed.

But what are the biggest signs she is a killer?

Meena killed Leanna
Who chases someone in broad daylight when trying to kill them? (Credit: ITV)

Chasing Leanna

When one is being pursued by a dangerous killer, it’s absolutely the right thing to pop on some new heels and run into a secluded area rather than, say, a pub full of people.

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Not that it’s Leanna’s fault she was murdered, but she literally ran in slow motion allowing Meena to strut through the village humming her murder music in front of all and sundry.

And yet not a single person clocked on.

meena murder box emmerdale
The woman keeps an actual box of murder evidence in her bedroom (Credit: ITV)

The keepsake box

If Hollywood has taught us anything it’s that serial killers always, always, always keep a little box of evidence handy at all times.

In Meena’s case it’s an old box packed with mementoes from her victims.

But after Leanna found it and Manpreet found it and neither quite worked out what it was… it’ll probably stay a secret for ever.

Even AFTER watching the footage of Emmerdale maniac Meena trying to kill Victoria, Ben was confused (Credit: ITV)

The video footage

When there’s a tragedy that costs one person their life and several others serious injuries, it’s definitely something that should be ignored.

Especially when each of the people are carrying constantly recording video cameras.

I mean why bother trying to understand why something happened.

And why bother looking at the camera footage – it’s not like it would be important or anything!

Her utterly unhinged behaviour

She could a neon sign reading ‘I’M A MURDERER’ and half the village wouldn’t understand it.

Meena has behaved so outrageously that it’s hard to come up with reasons for people not to assume she’s a serial killer at this point.

But the village that sense forgot has managed it.

It’s not so much not seeing the wood for the trees, more not seeing the multiple suspicious deaths and the nurse connected to them all.

But as long as she’s killing the deadwood – long may it continue.

Meena killed Leanna
No-one who isn’t a serial killer smiles as much as Meena in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

The grinning

It’s one thing if you’re a serial killer to try and keep it a secret – but it’s another when you can’t be bothered.

Meena is doing everything short of breaking into song and dance each time murder is discussed.

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The woman can’t pass a coffin without doing a little dance for crying out loud.

If only there was a vicar/police detective to notice…

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