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20 amazing facts about Coronation Street

Think you know everything about Corrie? Think again...

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Think you know everything there is to know about Coronation Street? Maybe something in this little lot will leave you surprised. From what’s really in those pints at the Rovers to how many eggs Roy fries in a week – here are some amazing facts from the cobbles.

1. Shandy secrets

The ‘beer’ served in the Rovers is weak shandy. And the G&Ts are just fizzy water. Yum.

2. Roy’s real rolls

That’s real grub on those plates (Credit: ITV)

In 2010 – with the introduction of HD – the food in Roy’s Rolls became real after fake food stuffs were previously used.

3. Masses of make-up

Liz loves a lippie (Credit: ITV)

50 boxes of tissues, 20 packs of make-up wipes, ten lipsticks, five powders, six eyeliners, four blushers, six eye-shadows and 15 large cans of hairspray are reportedly used in one month alone to get Liz McDonald ready. Joking – that’s for the whole cast.

4. Roy’s bag

Roy’s bag has its own story (Credit: ITV)

Roy Cropper’s famous shopping bag belonged to actor David Neilson’s late mother who passed away shortly before he began playing everyone’s favourite soap misfit.

5. Plenty of Peter

Carla Connor and Peter Barlow in Coronation Street
Chris Gascoyne is the 7th actor to play Peter Barlow (Credit: ITV)

As many actors have played Peter Barlow as Steve McDonald has had marriages. The current – of course – being the lovely Chris Gascoyne.

6. Dozens of deaths

Coronation Street fans shocked after Ali Neeson MURDERS Ronan Truman
Ronan Truman is the soap’s most recent death (Credit: ITV)

There have been 178 deaths in Corrie since it began including Maria Connor’s dog Ozzy and Craig Tinker’s rat Darryl.

7. Goodbye Hilda Ogden

Coronation Street
Jean Alexander’s last episode was the most watched ever (Credit: ITV)

Corrie’s most watched episode was back on Christmas Day 1987 when Hilda Ogden left the cobbles. The episode drew in 26.65 million viewers. Wow.

8. Landlords and ladies

Johnny and Jenny are the current owners of the Rovers (Credit: ITV)

The Rovers Return has had 19 different licencees. We won’t run through them all but the most recent are Johnny and Jenny Connor.

9. Egg-cellent eggs

Are lot of eggs are fried in Roy’s Rolls (Credit: ITV)

Apparently Roy’s Rolls will fry over 300 eggs a week for its hungry clientele. Even vegan Toyah Battersby has been seen tucking into an omelette in the café.

10. Cobble count

Coronation Street fans spot Clayton Hibbs' return to the cobbles
Fancy counting those cobbles? (Credit: ITV)

Apparently there are more than 11,000 cobbles on Coronation Street. That’s a lot of balancing to do if you’re wearing Carla Connor’s heels.

11. Filming frenzy

That’s a LOT of filming (Credit: ITV/Instagram)

It reportedly takes 66 hours to film five episodes of Coronation Street which are long hours for the cast of Coronation Street and crew. When Kate Oates took over in 2016, she upped the amount of episodes from five to six a week.

12. Record-breaking Barlow

Absolute legend (Credit: ITV)

Ken Barlow – who is played by William Roache – is the only member of the original cast still in the show. This accolade has won him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

13. Live lessons

Corrie was live when it first started (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

When Corrie first started broadcasting back in 1960 it was filmed live. Since March 1961 though, it’s been pre-recorded. Imagine that intensity six times a week.

14. Special episodes

Sarah Platt Callum Coronation Street
The most recent live episode was in 2015 (Credit: ITV)

The soap went back to its roots in 2000, 2010 and 2015 when special live episodes were broadcast to mark Corrie’s 40th, 50th and 55th

15. Creative writing

Tony Warren Coronation Street Credit:
Tony Warren created Corrie (Credit: Splash News)

Corrie was created by Tony Warren. He wrote the first 14 episodes by himself.

16. First words

Elsie spoke the first words on the soap (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

The first words ever spoken on the soap were: “Now the next thing you’ve got to do is get a sign writer in” which were said by Elsie Lappin as she handed the corner shop over to Florrie Lindley.

17. Corrie complaints

Phelan generated a lot of complaints (Credit: ITV)

When Ken Barlow said the very unsavoury word ‘bloody’ back in 1961, it generated 83 complaints. In March 2018 Pat Phelan’s double murder generated 541 complaints.

18. Shopping sprees

We’d like Kate or Rana’s wardrobes please (credit: ITV)

The Wardrobe Department have to go shopping for the characters’ clothes every single day. What a job!

19. Mega magazine

Oooh. Serial killers! (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Gossip magazine Chit Chat is Corrie’s own publication produced by the props department after the show went HD in 2010

20. Worldwide wonder

Corrie header cobbles
It’s a worldwide hit (Credit: ITV)

Corrie is a world wide hit currently being broadcast in more than 40 countries including Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Ireland; Morocco; Taiwan; South Africa; Estonia; Poland.

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