The TikTok trend that predicts when the Queen will die

What is behind sick TikTok videos that predict the Queen will die on October 18?

The bizarre rumour has been sweeping the social media site

TikTok has been awash with predictions that the Queen will die on October 18.

Sick videos are sweeping the social media site, leaving royal fans disgusted.

But why has it started?

What is The TikTok trend that predicts when the Queen will die
TikTok has become rife with rumours that the Queen will die on Monday (Credit:

What is happening on TikTok about the Queen?

TikTok users around the world have started recording videos of themselves “reacting” to fake news that the Queen will die on Monday.

One man posted on his sick video: “Recording this for when the Queen dies on October 18th 2021.”

He then pretended to wail and cry. His clip has been viewed more than one million times.

But the weird trend appears to have originated from one particular user based in America.

What is The TikTok trend that predicts when the Queen will die
The sick tend appears to have stemmed from one US TikTok user (Credit:

The man – using the name Dennis – begins his video with a recent clip of the Queen arriving at a public engagement.

As she gets out of the car, a member of her team hands her a walking stick.

The TikTok user’s caption reads: “First time the Queen, aged 95, is seen using a cane in public.”

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‘Dennis’ then appears on screen, with his hood up and a metal ring through his nostrils.

“Guys, this has to be telling you, the Queen of England hasn’t been using a walker or a cane since about 2003 or 2004. And that was for knee surgery,” he says.

“Her health is declining.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton dragged into TikTok rumours
The TikTok user bizarrely drags Prince William and Kate Middleton into his bonkers theory (Credit:

The man then claims to know the exact time the Queen will pass away.

Even more preposterously, he then also gives his prediction for Prince Andrew’s death.

The TikToker says: “I’m telling you, solidifying it, October 18th at 5.47pm England time, surrounded by loved ones, Will and Kate will not be there.

“And then Prince Andrew is going to die on October 22.”

Despite the absurdity of the video, it has been viewed a whopping 21.4 million times.

What are people saying about the TikTok video?

Dennis’ video has become the topic of conversation on other social media sites, too.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Why the hell is my TikTok full of videos saying that the Queen of England is dying on October 18 at 5pm UK time?”

Another tweeted: “Some random dude on TikTok said he thinks the Queen is going to die on October 18 of this year so now we wait.”

Others have been discussing it on website Reddit.

Prince Andrew dragged into TikTok rumours about the Queen's death
The TikTok user also predicts Prince Andrew’s death (Credit:

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On asked: “What’s going on with people saying Queen Elizabeth II will die on October 18th?

“I saw some videos on TikTok saying the Queen of England will die on October 18th.”

Another, more sensible, Reddit user replied: “It’s just a meme.

“This happens at least once a year where someone will name a date for the Queen to die, and everyone will laugh and say ‘it would be crazy if she does’. No one really believes them.”

The person added: “TikKok just makes memes snowball more and more as people can get in on it easy.”

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