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Number of royal ‘red alert’ stalkers ‘almost doubles in a year’

Megxit and Prince Andrew scandal to blame

Stalkers posing a threat to the royal family have almost doubled in a year.

That’s according to the Metropolitan Police “people of interest”.

There are 112 people being monitored in the red alert category, the Daily Mail says.

Prince Andrew’s explosive interview on Jeffrey Epstein is one reason the royal family have attracted the wrong kind of attention recently (Credit: Splash News)

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There are four more names on the category of ‘high concern’ since last year.

It takes the total number to nine.

Many of these people could be described as “cranks” and “nutters”.

Security experts believe the rise is because of an increase in ‘disregard’ for the Royal Family.

Views have changed amid revelations about the Duke of York’s friendship with late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

There are nine concerning individuals (Credit: Splash)

Royal threats

Security expert Richard Aitch is projects director at Mobius International.

He said the addition of Meghan to the Royal Family has also been a factor.

He continued: “Many of these people could be described as “cranks” and “nutters”.

“Although their risk has to be considered, they would to my mind pose a lesser importance to those threats emanating from terrorism.”

However, he added: ‘The arrival of Meghan on the scene would, I believe, increase the figures somewhat for various reasons.”

Key to this was their decision to step down as senior royals, he continued.

Disregard for royals

“In addition, the Prince Andrew controversy and the strongly critiqued television interview creates an increase in disregard for the Royal Family.

“That potentially could have dangerous ramifications.”

The Met’s Fixed Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) currently monitors the 122 people on the list.

It categorises their risk potential, reported The Express.

It is a joint Metropolitan Police and NHS unit comprised of detectives and mental health professionals.

A number of royal stalkers were tracked ahead of Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

More than half of those were of moderate or high concern.

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