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Zara McDermott accused of promoting unhealthy body image as she celebrates three-stone weight loss

She was only a size 10 to start off with!

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Zara McDermott has come under fire for sharing her weight loss results.

The former X Factor and Made in Chelsea star, 23, took to Instagram to share her before and after snaps.

In one, she poses on the beach as a healthy-looking size 10.

She then shared  ‘now’ snaps looking dramatically slimmer.

She declared that she had always struggled to lose weight, but over the last year and a half has lost almost three stone.

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott
Zara McDermott with on-and-off boyfriend Sam Thompson (Credit: Splash News)

Although she was merely celebrating her weight loss, cross users took to Twitter to share their disapproval.

One unhappy user shared on Twitter: “Btw if you’re a size 10 then you do NOT need to lose three stone to be healthy and Zara McDermott should not be promoting that.”

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Another user tweeted: “Zara McDermott said she was 68kg (10st 9lbs) at her heaviest. She lost three stone which would make her 7st 9 – shes 170cm tall.

“This would put her BMI at 16.7 which is super underweight. This is why people are saying it’s dangerous (to all the people saying everyone is just bitter).”

zara mcdermott weight loss
Zara showed off her weight loss results on Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

And a further user lamented: “Zara McDermott looks great and if she’s happy then she’s happy, however it just doesn’t sit right with me that millions of young girls are going to see her losing three stone at a very healthy size 10 within such a short amount of time and think that is some sort of ‘goal’ they must achieve.”

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Despite the dozens of complaints, some of Zara’s fans did rush to defend the star.

For example, one user claimed: “Since when did self love have to be censored because it can trigger some people? I can’t get over what I’m seeing written about Zara McDermott.

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson are they back together?
The Made In Chelsea favourite started off a size 10 before losing weight (Credit: PALACE LEE /

“She looks insane (before and after) and she should not feel bad about posting her progress because it offends some people?”

What’s more, Zara took to Instagram again to defend her posts.

The former Love Island star accused Twitter of being a ‘vile’ and ‘toxic’ place.

Her lengthy statement included: “I think it’s entirely unfair to call me ‘anorexic’. In my opinion it’s the same as calling someone morbidly obese. That’s a serious accusation of an eating disorder that I do not have.

“I understand that for anyone recovering from an [eating disorder], any post about weight loss could be triggering. But my journey has been done incredible healthily.”

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