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AJ Pritchard WILL stand up to Shane Richie on I’m A Celeb says girlfriend Abbie Quinnen

And she says he is OCD when it comes to washing!

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AJ Pritchard won’t be afraid to stand up to Shane Richie says the dancer’s girlfriend Abbie Quinnen.

But it would be done so in a reasonable matter, as she says her man isn’t the type to lose his temper at all.

Speaking exclusively to ED, Abbie said: “I don’t think AJ will lose his temper at all, he’s not that sort of person.

“He wouldn’t be afraid to tell them off but he wouldn’t want to fall out with Shane. He’s not the argumentative type really.”

This comes in the wake of AJ and Shane seemingly losing their patience with one another on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

aj pritchard and shane richie
AJ and Shane appeared to clash this week (Credit: ITV)

Why did Shane Richie and AJ Pritchard clash?

Both competing at the Welsh castle, they appeared to butt heads when it came to set chores.

AJ accused Shane of not washing the dishes properly. But Shane took offence and insisted he’d get round to it when there was enough hot water.

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But Abbie says AJ was likely just aggravated as he’s a bit of a neat freak. And even loves to do the washing at home.

She told us: “You know what he’s got OCD so he is consistently cleaning in this flat. I’ll literally do the washing and hang it out on the washing line and if it’s not done correctly he’ll take it all off and rinse it on the washing line.

shane richie on i'm a celebrity
Abbie insists AJ won’t fall out with Shane (Credit: ITV)

Abbie says AJ is a bit OCD

“He’s quite OCD about things but do you know what it is, he loves to take care of people so he’ll want the camp to have the cleanest dishes and everything looking perfect for everyone else.”

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What’s more, AJ’s fans have complained on social media that he hasn’t had enough air time yet.

Many argued that both Shane and Vernon Kay seem to be dominating the show when it comes to coverage.

Abbie quinine and AJ Pritchard on the red carpet
Abbie wants to see more of AJ on the show (Credit: SplashNews)

Abbie agrees that she’d like to see more of her boyfriend onscreen, but argues that he has been given more airtime over the past few days.

She said: “I think this week we’ve been lucky enough to see more of him so maybe ITV have heard people saying they haven’t seen enough of him so hopefully we’ll get to see more of him over the next couple of days.”

As for when it comes to Shane and AJ, Shane’s son, Shane Roche Jr. seemingly lashed out at the former Strictly dancer.

Taking to Instagram he called AJ a ‘little b****’ in a video rant.

However, Shane Jr. now says it has all been taken out of context – and he was merely having a laugh.

Addressing his Twitter followers, he claimed: “I mean I was laughing and joking when I said it, stop trying to stir s*** @MailOnline when there’s nothing there.

“Anyway come tune into Instagram live tonight where I slag off everyone else #madness.”

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