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Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Woman begs for advice after house guests 'stinks of body odour and onions'

Should she tell them?

A woman has pleaded for advice after a 'stinky house guest' has left her 'gagging' and unsure of what to do.

At the end of her tether, the mum explained that she wasn't sure if she should tell them or not.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, a user wrote: "I have a friend's relative staying in my house and they reek of B.O. and onions.

"It was so bad I wanted to gag. I suggested it was a hot day and perhaps they would like a shower and that I had some lovely smelly things they could use. They declined."

The Lynx advert from 2014 (Credit: YouTube)

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She continued: "My four-year-old has been walking around shouting 'smelly poo' and I have had to tell them to be quiet, but secretly hoping the guest would get the hint. Instead they laughed.

"I couldn't even eat my dinner and have had to continually spray air freshener when they leave the room.

"They asked to come to Tesco with me and then I had to pretend by car was broken. So I now have no milk for the morning.

"Should I just tell them? I don't really know them very well."

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Other users were quick to impart their wisdoms, with one replying: "I'm sorry but I'd definitely have to say something.

I have a friend's relative staying in my house and they reek of B.O. and onions.

"I spend hours keeping my house clean and smelling fresh and to have someone come in and infect my hard work with their stench would not go down well with me!"

A third added: "I suffer asthma and for some reason my trigger is always B.O. and bad body odour. If this was happening in my house I would have to kick him out."

"Oh how awkward for you," typed another. "It's so easy for us to sit and type 'tell them' but it's not that easy sometimes, is it? You may just have to bite the bullet and be blunt with them if they aren't taking the hint."

Perhaps a shower and some Old Spice would do the trick? (Credit: YouTube)

Others turned the spotlight on the writer, however, asking why a man was in her house that she didn't know very well - especially around a four-year-old.

One questioned: "Can you let me know where you live please, just in case I'm ever in the area and need a bed for the night?

"By the way, I don't have B.O. so no need to worry about that. I really can't believe you let someone in your house who you don't really know on the basis that your friend is vouching for them, while you have a child in the immediate vicinity.

"Last time I checked the news, most murderers and paedophiles didn't tell anyone what they were up to, even their friends."

The poster later updated those who had responded to her cry for help, saying: "I did end up strongly hinting to them by giving them some fresh towels and new shower gels and deodorant. They took the hint. But then put back on the same clothes. So it's not as bad, but lingering. I have not seen a toothbrush either.

"They have no concept of hygiene, perhaps because they live quite solitary. I actually feel a little sorry for him now."

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